Fruit Fly Living

Before I write some thoughts about today, I want to announce the winners of the book “Live Like a Fruit Fly”.

Ferne and Donna!

I will be in touch with you ladies and will arrange to get the books to you.

Thank you to everyone for playing along and for taking your precious time to read my posts.

I spent the morning at the American Cancer Society’s Hope Club.  I was there for a session of NIA Dance, and then had an hour Reiki session with a very intuitive practitioner.  In between my appointments, I enlisted Miriam, who is a volunteer that sits at the front desk as a greeter, to be the official name picker from a bag of over thirty names to see who the winners were.

The Hope club is full of volunteers like Mariam, including the NIA instructor and the Reiki practitioner.   I’m so grateful for these people who donate their time, talents, and love to bring hope to people who are searching for a wholeness that they fear they have lost.

These morning activities grounded me and allowed me to be open-minded about a meeting I had with Hospice staff about my mother this afternoon.  Mom has been failing right along, but even more so since her hip fracture in September.  She’s not eating much and weighs a mere 82 pounds.  Hospice will begin their services today with Mom and will be extra sets of compassionate eyes, ears, and hands, and will provide an extra measure of attention.  It was a no-brainer to agree to having them as part of her care team.

My mother said many times to me throughout my life that she’s not afraid to die, she just doesn’t want to suffer.  We will do everything in our power to grant her this wish.

And knowing my mother, if I asked her how she lived her life, I believe she might say that she lived like a fruit fly.


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5 Responses to Fruit Fly Living

  1. Madeline Sicko says:

    A beautiful and kind fruit fly that I feel privileged to have met and consider more lucky to have her
    Daughter , Diane as my friend. Hugs n love

  2. Patti Spoor says:

    Diane, you are so sweet and such an angel. Hospice is a wonderful organization and your Mom will be treated with compassionate hearts. Love to you and your Mom, Patti

  3. RYAN PETERSON says:

    My name is Ryan – I’m a friend of Fran and she forwarded me your information. I’d like to connect with you and maybe meet at Hope club. I have B cell lymphoma just finished 5/6
    Chemo – I enjoy your blog and your art work. Hope to connect soon

    • Diane Fiore says:

      Hi Ryan, Thank you for connecting with me. I will contact you through email and maybe set something up to meet at the Hope Club or somewhere else. Looking forward to meeting you!

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