Change in plans. Patience challenged. Hope stretches.

~Living my Life with Lymphoma~

The officials have declared a state of emergency in the wake of Stella, the blizzard of 2017.   Only emergency travel is advised from Virginia to New Hampshire.  We happen to be on the direct path of this Nor ‘eastern, and the world seems to have just stopped.

Today was supposed to be a day for a turning point for me.  I was supposed to meet with my hematologist this afternoon to learn of the results of my latest biopsy that I had over a week ago.  I’ve had 4 months off from chemo and still feel good.  Unfortunately, feeling good on its own amounts to almost nothing.  Lymphoma is a funny disease, and people can actually have it for years and not know it.  I’m pretty sure I was in this elite club for at least three years before becoming overwhelmed with sickness and pain last year.

My appointment has been rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon, March 15th and I will either learn that I need a stem cell transplant, more chemo, or my hiatus will continue with close monitoring.

I belong to some Facebook support groups for this unwelcomed disease and have found an enormous amount of support.  We’re all in the same boat when it comes to waiting, wondering, and worrying, and I’m heading there right now for some friendly loyalty.

Tisha, a FB support group member said:

“I am always amazed how our biggest fears bring strangers together and make us friends!”

That’s exactly what’s happened.

Thank God for social media.

Painting today. A good distraction.

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4 Responses to Change in plans. Patience challenged. Hope stretches.

  1. Glynny Schiavoni says:

    Stay strong.
    Love you,
    Glynny and John

  2. Rosemary says:

    Your strength and faith continues to amaze me. I will continue to pray for a good outcome. You got this! Love, Rosemary

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