Boston Mission Accomplished

~Living with Lymphoma~


A glimmer of hope was waiting for us at my appointment with my Boston Hematologist today.  I brought  a CD of my last three PET Scans for Dr. Jacobson to look at.  He explained that although the area that still lights up lit up a little more than on the scan I had just after I finished chemo, the area itself was not any bigger.  So, being in a position of a second opinion person as a major Lymphoma expert, I’m sure he knows that people are more likely than not to take his advice, so he better be considering all possibilities.

He said that there are many false positives with PET Scans and the fact that the area is not any bigger requires him to consider that maybe the Lymphoma is gone.  He can’t endorse sending someone into a stem cell transplant phase without more definitive evidence that they actually need one because it’s a harsh series of treatments and recovery.  He recommended that I have biopsy of the area that lights up.  If it comes up positive for lymphoma, then I begin the process for a stem cell transplant.  If the results of the biopsy are questionable or “negative” (I’m sure there are also false negatives), then he recommends that I have another PET Scan in three months.

So, my next assignment is to have the biopsy.  I have another appointment with the local stem cell transplant doctor next week and she’ll hook me up with the group who will do the biopsy.

I’m an expert on waiting by now.  And at the moment it’s easier to wait because I feel good and can conduct my life in a “normal” fashion by working, taking care of my mother, etc.   So, the glimmer of hope we received today will enhance my mission to live with as little fear and worry about my situation as possible.

Brian and I went to Boston last night because of the storm forecasted for our area and the Boston area.  It started snowing at 9am this morning in Boston, and by the time we left Dana Farber, the roads were a mess.   Brian drove 170 miles in a raging storm, and we made it home without incident.

We have angels following us at every turn.


Notice the direction of the rig. We were heading west, and he was pointed east. He wasn’t moving, thank God, but was probably trying to figure out how to turn the truck in the right direction.


Nothing special about this truck. It just made me hungry.


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10 Responses to Boston Mission Accomplished

  1. Diane…who took care of Mom while you were gone? I wish I lived closer so I could help you out …I’m so glad your visit was positive…and that the “waiting” game is more tolerable than it used to be…

    • Lucie says:

      Lady Di, So great that the trip was a positive one. Kudos to Brian’s driving skills. You do have angels watching over you…and you have so many friends down here on the ground cheering and praying for you. Stay strong…love you. ❤️

      • Diane Fiore says:

        Yes…Brian’s been my hero throughout all of this, Luce. He was a little upset, though, when I looked better bald than he does (hahaha). My friends on the ground glow with halos…yours looks natural on you. I’m so lucky. Love you too!

    • Diane Fiore says:

      My sister stayed with my mother and the pups. It all worked out well. I wish you were closer just because. I’m sure I’ll see you when the southern ladies return.
      Much love, Diane

  2. Rosemary says:

    So happy to read this latest news. I will continue to pray for strength, good health and guidance for the medical team working with you. You are a true warrior and inspiration to all who
    know you. Lots of love to you and Brian. Love Rosemary

    • Diane Fiore says:

      Your continued support and understanding is priceless to us, Rosemary. Thank you for being a constant warrior partner. No one can do this alone. With love and admiration to you…Diane

  3. Jolene says:

    Diane, I have been praying for you although we have never met. We share a very special friend, Mary T. I am relieved to read your report of trip to DFCC…May peace continue to be with you.

    • Diane Fiore says:

      Oh Jolene, I know who you are. Mary admires you so. Thank you for visiting my blog and for reading my on-going story about my unplanned trip. And your prayers are priceless. Thank you, friend. Diane

  4. Ann McKinley says:

    Yay! Some happy news from my far away friend and kindred spirit. Hope is a healer,Diane. Its powerful stuff! And that truck made me hungry,too! 😃

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