The PET scan results and the next steps

~Living my Life with Lymphoma~

I met with my hematologist today to go over the results of the PET scan I had on Tuesday.  Unfortunately, there’s an area that has been reduced by 75%, but is still active, and logically cannot remain in my body.  The rest of the disease is gone!  I’m scheduled to meet with a radiation oncologist next week, and waiting for an appointment with the Stem Cell Transplant team.  My hematologist still hopes for a cure and needs input from these two specialties to continue on.

Although it’s not the news we were dreaming of, it is reality and needs to be accepted and dealt with.    I will continue on knowing that I have an amazing support network of family and friends, and even some people I don’t know.  Please know that whether you’ve written to me responding to my post(s) or have read my posts and followed along silently, I’m indebted to your kindness for doing so.

My cousin-in-law Larry wrote a song and composed the music for a friend of his in 2009 who was dealing with cancer.  He pulled it out of the vault and sent it to me.  It’s called “She Believes”, and I have attached some of the lyrics.

She had all the little things that mattered in life

The future was good

Plans were aligned

The day she left the room devastated

A turn for the worst, unanticipated.

Mortality Staring

Family caring

She believes in her heart

She’s never unsure

Believes in her soul

She just has to endure

Her courage is strong

Her spirit is tough

She believes in herself

And that’s enough

My Blog host, WordPress is unable to accommodate an MP3 attachment, but the song, sung by Larry and piano played by him is beautiful and meaningful to me.  My heartfelt thanks to him.

As I wait for my appointments, I plan on enjoying the holiday season that’s upon us.  Brian and I have gone to some Victorian Strolls in nearby cities and are going to two more.  We’ve been invited to a couple of house parties and are looking forward to them as well.


Meanwhile, I’ll keep busy by painting and applying some techniques I’ve learned in a watercolor class I’ve been taking.  Here’s one from this semester.


The act of painting is meditative.  If something turns out good, it’s a bonus.

Happy Holidays to all.

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10 Responses to The PET scan results and the next steps

  1. Nancy Gildea says:

    I know the last 25% of the evil cancer will be gone soon. You are on your way to a full recovery. Keep posting. I enjoy reading your blog.

    • Diane Fiore says:

      Gosh…I hope you’re right, Nancy. I will keep believing in a cure. It’s just going to take a little longer. Thanks for following along with me…it means the world.

  2. Glynny Schiavoni says:

    Well, not happy to hear your news, but continually inspired by your grace and fortitude. You are loved and admired, my dear Diane. We were just praying for you at dinner this evening and will continue lifting you up as the days go by.
    Love you,
    Glynny and John

    • Diane Fiore says:

      Your prayers and the many I receive are my life line, dear Glynny. I admire your faith and continued commitment to seeing me through this strange journey. My undying love and admiration to you and John. Diane

  3. Evelyn Baltis says:

    I keep you in my heart and in my prayers💜💜

  4. Lucie says:

    Lady Di, I will continue to pray for you to be cured 100%. I really do pray for you every day, not something people know about me. You continue to inspire me and everyone else who knows your story. I love your birch trees…and I love you, my friend. Stay strong. Have a wonderful Christmas season.

    • Diane Fiore says:

      Gee, Luce, I’m so touched by your daily prayers. Prayers have become a powerful lifeline for me, and I’m so grateful for this continued encouragement. I love you too, sister and wish you and Helen a joyous and memorable holiday season.

      • Nancy says:

        Diane, Be like your birch trees…have deep roots to anchor and survive the storms, draw up nutrients to grow stronger & continue to resist the winds that have come your way. Prayers help us become rooted, a source of comfort, strength and joy. I will continue to pray for God’s healing power over you. Love you. P.S. You looked beautiful on the front page of the Times Union!! 🙂

      • Diane Fiore says:

        Thanks, Nancy. You’re quite a poet. Beautiful words. Prayers are the best gift anyone could receive, especially at times like this. And they’re working. Much love…xoxo

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