Balloon Heads


Living my life with Lymphoma

As I stroll through town to the grocery store, into restaurants, or to Home Depot, it’s no secret that I have a serious illness simply because of the way I look.  I have very little hair, and even the quarter inch that I do have is falling out.

Whenever I saw a woman with no hair, or wearing a head covering that was obviously hiding a bald head, I always wondered what they were going through, always considering that it may happen to me someday.   So when it did, to be honest, I was not happy about the impending hair loss.  I kept it in perspective though, knowing that no hair was minor and trivial compared to the possibility of not surviving.  But I also know that losing your hair does not guarantee a cure.

A friend of mine told me about a wonderful place nearby called The Hope Club run by the American Cancer Society.  People with cancer and their families can go there for support and to have fun.  They have yoga, reiki, massage, games, quilting, a book club, jewelry making, and all kinds of support groups.  They have a program called “Look Good, Feel Better” where several make-up companies donate items which accumulate to about $400 worth of brand new make up for anyone who has cancer and wants a new make up bag.  I went to this program, not to replace my make-up, because I don’t have one, but to learn how to apply it.  It was a lot of fun, and I promised to use at least the blush on days where I look pale.  They also have a wig program with about 250 wigs to choose from, and all of the programs are free.   I decided that I would go for the wig just to have in the event I felt I needed one at some point.  But I have also decided that my comfort is more important than how I look, and wearing a wig or any kind of head covering is murder in the summer.  So I go around with my new balding look.

It’s been three weeks since my friend Jill shaved my head.  For about 2 weeks prior, I was babying my hair.  I gently washed and styled it, and then cleaned up the gobs of hair that weren’t glued in anymore.   I woke up one morning and finally realized what women had been talking about when they decided to shave their heads and not put up with the agonizing hair loss that gets more severe with each day.  I knew that putting it off was going to be more upsetting in the long run, so I decided that that was the day.  I sat in a lawn chair outside and had my hair restyled to almost nothing.

There are numerous head coverings out there.  I found some in a catalog and purchased some before I lost my hair, anticipating that I may be wearing them.  I do wear them, but only when it’s cold, like in the morning when I get up.  I anticipate I’ll be wearing them as the fall weather turns cooler and through the winter months.

Meanwhile, I thought I’d put them all on display to see what I had and they look kind of cute on balloons.

In fact, I’ve concluded that they look better on the balloon heads than on me.



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8 Responses to Balloon Heads

  1. madeline sicko says:

    Well, girl……you are something else! You just boosted my spirits more than you know.
    Your balloon bush is perfect for the Halloween season. Your attitude and strength blows me away.
    I am blessed to know you and observe your character as you walk through this journey. Awesome!
    Remember you are entitled to down days and always know you can line on me. Love n hugs

    • Diane Fiore says:

      I can only do this with some sort of positivity with people like you behind me, Madeline. And your creativity is always a source of light for me. I’m in the middle of another painting I hope to bring on Wednesday.

  2. Lucie says:

    Lady Di, How is it that YOU make all of us feel better ? I can never say enough what an incredibly strong and unique woman you are. You just awe me, my friend. XXOO

  3. Helen Tarof says:

    Diane my precious Daughter
    You are a TREASURE, I am so BLESSED to have you for a Daughter in Law. You are so very
    caring for others. When you smile the whole world lites up.
    With much Love
    P.S. You are so Special to me.

  4. Ann mckinley says:

    Leave it to you DIANE to turn something so difficult into something so embracing. The truths and gifts of Life spring from you freely. Even though you may not feel or see it yourself at this time, there is a radiance that shines out from you. A glow that comes only from a true soul,traveling an epic journey.

    • Diane Fiore says:

      Wow…thanks for the kind words, Ann. It’s so much easier to accept or at least head in that direction than to be afraid and lost. I gather strength and hope from people like you who provide endless support.

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