It’s Almost Hammer-Time

We met for our fourth dance rehearsal last night at Hubbard Hall in Cambridge, NY. Our group is gearing up for National Dance Week next week, and will surprise the public with our carefully choreographed dance to MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” at various locations in Washington County on Saturday, April 25th.

Our creative and distinguished leader, Gina keeps it real and organized, and mixes her own version of grace, style, and patience as she leads us through our dance segments for a packed hour of rehearsal.

We’re a diverse group with diverse dancing skills. Some of us have nothing to brag about when it comes to our coordination or remembering what move is next. But we’re assured by Gina that if we just smile while dancing during our public appearances, people will think we know exactly what we’re doing.

Such a progressive undertaking for such a small town and theater.

Small town – Big ideas – We all win


Part of our mob. The arrow points to our beloved Gina.

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4 Responses to It’s Almost Hammer-Time

  1. Glynny Schiavoni says:

    Good luck! Have fun, don’t foget to smile!😊

  2. Maria Wulf says:

    So cool that you’re doing this Diane have some serious fun!

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