Frozen but Warm

I’ve been painting with watercolors a lot this winter. My assessments of the outcomes of my “works of art” are a combination “Huh…surprisingly not bad” – “I can sort of live with that” — and “Well, I think I’ll keep it to prove to myself someday that I really did improve beyond a second grade level.”

The instructions I’m receiving are a combination of 1:1 with an accomplished artist, on-line tutorials, and open art time at the very inviting Art in Mind Creative Wellness Studio where I can choose from a multitude of art media.

My in-person art instructor has had her own galleries. I stand in awe every time I go to her house for a lesson. He home is a spectacular gallery of beauty in the form of paintings, framed sketches, and other interesting eye-catchers. 

As I go along piecing together techniques I’ve learned along the way, I keep in mind that someday my goal is to create beautiful impressions of places I’ve been to either from a photo, or live sitting in the midst of the beautiful scene.

For today, I painted this scene from a picture I took while cross country skiing.

This painting falls into the “I can sort of live with that” category.


Where: Saratoga State Park on the Golf Course

Why: I chose this bench scene because the seat with the back rest is a symbol of rest.

Perspective: Benches are usually located in areas with trees, grass, and wild animals. Benches inspire reflection, contemplation, and contentment.


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5 Responses to Frozen but Warm

  1. I’m loving your water colors, Diane!

  2. bittygirl51 says:

    You obviously have some talent, Diane! Looking good, but more importantly – feeling good. Right? I also find the creative endeavors very therapeutic!

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