My World in Watercolors

I’ve been taking lessons in watercolor. The more I learn, the less I know. There are an infinite number of techniques and images to paint, and like any art, my finished works are limited by my level of understanding and mastery of the techniques I’ve learned so far. I’m a beginner, but feel compelled to continue learning. I see the world differently now. I see a scene or an object like a tree or a barn and wonder how I could transfer the image onto paper using watercolors.

My friend, fellow blogger (Raining Iguanas) and Hubbard Hall Writers Group member, John Greenwood stumbled upon a master watercolor artist and author in a used book store. This man, Jack Lewis, compiled several books of places he visited, and transformed the scenes into beautiful watercolor arts, adding narratives to each painting. This has inspired me to keep learning the craft and to illustrate my own “travels” into impressions of places and scenes that I think are beautiful.

As with learning anything, it’s the successes that keep us going. I joke about trashing the paintings that look like a first grader did. For every one painting I do that is acceptable, there are 3-4 that scare me and have me thinking that I want to quit. I’m a reasonable person and know that learning anything takes time. I know there will be successes and failures. I also know that I may lose interest in this medium and be on to something else. But for now, watercolors have me captivated.

My plan to improve my craft is to illustrate in watercolors a series of places that I visit or see in my travels that look worthy of painting. I will always challenge myself with the idea of advancing in some small way.

Here are a couple paintings I did yesterday while in vacation on Florida visiting my in-laws.


Where: My in-laws front yard.

Why: I chose this scene because I thought it was simple enough to paint and because I love palm trees.

Perspective: There’s an art to landscaping I’ve learned. When planting anchor plants, depending on the space, the anchors should be in odd numbers: 1, 3, 5. The three trees with ascending heights also caught my attention.



Where: Jenson Beach

Why: I chose this umbrella scene to capture the vastness of the ocean and the simplicity of the shade that the umbrella represents.

Perspective: Although I’m not really drawn to spending an entire day on the beach, I could probably do this and enjoy it with a cooler, reading material, sun glasses, and my camera.

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10 Responses to My World in Watercolors

  1. Kelly Getreu says:

    Your water colors are great! Don’t change too much. I love you stylized style. If you enjoy what you are doing, the heck with the rest of the world’ opinion.

    I loved your blue spotted vase watercolor and inspired me to do a colored pencil version of your composition. I have been doing pen sketches for many years. And it is fun to go back and visit them. Surprisingly they get better with age. And you remember the fun you had doing them and the other memories from that moment in time.

    Keep up the good work. From, Kelly, out here on the Monterey Peninsula


    • Diane Fiore says:

      Hi Kelly…From the Monterey Peninsula! Thank you so much for your encouraging words. It must be great to look back on your works and see the progress. I’m still in the beginning stages and can’t clearly see too much progress, but hope to some day. I’d love to see your sketch of the spotted vase if you’re willing to share it. Here’s my FB page link: if you do. If not…that’s OK too. I appreciate your visit. Diane

  2. Ann Fiore says:

    I Especially liked the trees!!

  3. Ann mckinley says:

    Diane,your paintings bring me so much joy. They are soothing,comforting,yet vibrant and sturdy. Hmmmmm…..just like you! More please!

  4. Glynny Schiavoni says:

    Sounds exactly like a metaphor for life, doesn’t it? The more I learn, the less I know. I distinctly remember diligently studying my med-surg text at nursing school, thinking, “How will I ever remember all of this stuff!” When I was working as a nurse, I remember looking something up in that very same book and saying aloud, “This is so general, it is of no help at all!”
    I like your pictures. What are the red plants between the trees?
    Enjoy your vacation. Please give our regards to Brian.
    Love you,

    • Diane Fiore says:

      You gave a perfect example of the “Life Metaphor”, Glynny. And I did not know you were a Nurse. I’m not surprised, though because of your healing and loving nature.

      I’m not sure what that plant is…I see a lot of them here in Florida. They’re colorful, aren’t they. My best to Mr. S. Much love, Diane

  5. Trish says:

    You have inspired me to give water color a serious whirl! (Can a whirl be serious!!?) All of your paintings are very appealing, paintings that I would enjoy in my home.
    My husband and I go to Hutchinson Island near Jensen Beach for a week in the winter. It would be fun to run into you there!

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