The Winners…


Over the last few weeks, I’ve had some enlightening and hopeful conversations with people about Veterans and Active Service People. Those that I talked to either in person, by email, on my blog or Facebook never once said things like “I understand” or “I know what they’re going through or have gone through.”   Our conversations have centered on the mysteries that surround the drive to enlist and put oneself in potential harms-way.   How their duty calls for courage, not in the absence of fear, but in the name of obligation, humanity, and the preservation of our way of life.

In the spirit of upholding our troops past and present, those who lost their lives and those who come home to continuing struggles, those who leave their families for months on end, and those who turn their service into careers, we salute you and are eternally grateful for your selfless engagement in our armed forces.

We have five winners of the Marilyn-Made Ski Hats.

Jackie C

Jill J and her young friend Erin

Barbara Y

Barbara Z

Stories from these ladies include gratefulness and pride for some of their family members’ service to our country, while others provided recognition to active military personnel. This included Jill J. bringing a small group of school-aged girls to a local Air National Guard Base and dropping off coffee and donuts. The National Guards were surprised and very thankful for the gesture.

I’d say we’re all winners because of our guiding stars…our American Soldiers.

I’ll be in touch with each of you to arrange sending you a hat.

A warm and sincere thanks to all who participated in this important mission.

Marilyn will be so pleased.

Veteran pic

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