Operation Deepfreeze


Brian at his graduation ceremony from Boot Camp.

My husband Brian joined the Navy less than a year after graduating from high school. In a fast and furious way, he was exposed to the world. He began his tour in Great Lakes where boot camp showed no mercy.  After further and extensive training, he was assigned to the Naval Base in Coronado California. He met people from all over the country with whom he shared common interests, fears, and quests for being involved with something that was exciting, meaningful, and at times, very unpredictable.

He eventually received an assignment that took him to Antarctica. He would spend Celestial summers there, which was Antarctica’s warm months…October through February where the temps were mild, ~~minus 10 – minus 30~~.   The real summer, the one he was used to would be back in southern California for the other 7 months until the next 32 hour flight on the slow LC 130 military air craft to the South Pole. He went there three times.

Ham radios and phone patches were necessary to communicate with his family. This method was extremely involved and didn’t promote easy conversation, but communicating with his family from the other side of the world was important, especially since he was away during the holidays.

South Pole 1

This was a Christmas card that Brian sent to his Aunt from the South Pole. She kept it and gave it back to him a few years ago.

South Pole 2

This was the back of the card.

The time that Brian served wasn’t characterized by war or conflict, so he was never involved with shield support or combat. But he knew that by enlisting, he could have been expected to use his military training at any given time.

He was honorably discharged after 4 years of active duty. This was his choice because his family needed him at home as his young father was dying. He knew he needed to be close to his family. He had three younger siblings and a family business to help with.

He loved the Navy and would have made a career out of it if things had been different. He holds his experience near to his heart and never fails to recognize a fellow soldier, whether it be a friend, an acquaintance, or someone he sees in public whom he has never met. He understands the meaning of having served.

Commitment ~~ Bravery ~~ Sacrifice ~~ Honor ~~ Courage ~~ Duty ~~ Loyal ~~ Steadfast ~~ Patriot ~~ Dedicated ~~ Reliable ~~ Skilled ~~ Respectful ~~ Integrity

As Veteran’s Day approaches and our world is in such a state of unrest, I’m reminded daily of why we are able to live seemingly free lives here in the United States.  We don’t always agree as a nation, and in fact vehemently disagree on a variety of issues, but our commitment to freedom and liberty still shines brightly.  We are upheld by our brave men and women who serve our country and continue to protect the very principles we so enjoy and live by every day.

The heart of my last few posts on Veterans promotes recognition to this group of brave people.  I’ve heard several stories from people who share my idea of the importance of showing appreciation for the commitment and sacrifice of our soldiers.   In this spirit, I’m giving away five hand-made, made-in-the USA by Marilyn ski hats in a drawing to those who want to share their story of acknowledgement to our finest.

Post a comment on my Blog or email me at merganserscrossing@gmail.com letting me know that you honored a veteran or an active service person.  If you wish, you can include how you did this.

On November 12, 2014, the day after Veteran’s Day, I will randomly pick five names from those who participated.  I will then gladly send each of the winners a Made-in-the-USA ski hat.


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2 Responses to Operation Deepfreeze

  1. Ann says:

    This story explains a lot of why I have felt you are sharing your life with a wonderful man. He is!

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