Mirror Images

Simple backdrops 019

Exposed to external forces

Where water, trees, and cat tails

Turn to ice, bare branches and barren spikes

Where the winds blow soft, warm, humid air

Changing to cool, leaf filled with migrating birds009

Where tank tops, sunglasses, and sandals are in

Awakening to a need for fleece, wool, and snow shoes

Where salads, watermelon and iced tea are enjoyed

Replaced by soup, apple pie, and hot cocoa

Where lawn mowers, motor cycles and surf boardsMINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Evolve into snow blowers, snow mobiles, and skis

Where fans, air conditioners and the shade of an elm tree

Become closed doors, wood stoves and the quest for rays of solar heat.

Where playing baseball, golf, and croquetMINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Transform into watching football, snowboarding, and southern car races

Where the clocks of time promote seemingly never-ending day light and energy

Turn back to darkness to remind us to rest, reflect, and remain hopeful


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2 Responses to Mirror Images

  1. Jill says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!

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