The Fleet Has Arrived


The desire to spend time at Camp Chingachgook is never too far from our minds, and geographically speaking as luck would have it, not too far from our home. So we decided to spend this weekend at Camp to lend a hand in their semi-annual Volunteer Work program where over a hundred people came out to help maintain, beautify, and set up camp for the winter, and position it for the next camping season.

The mission of Camp Chingachgook is this: “We build strong kids, strong families, and strong communities.” This is unmistakably evident by the programs they provide for all kinds of groups.  It’s also evident by the number of people who showed up this weekend who care enough about this Adirondack gem to donate their time and energy.

Yesterday morning, as we were bracing ourselves at breakfast for a few days of fairly hard physical labor, the Fleet pulled into the driveway like a convoy. They got out of their vehicles and headed towards the main building to report for duty.

And by “Fleet”, I mean about 30 Navy Sailors from a near-by Naval Base.


A group of Navy Servicemen awaiting their assignments Saturday morning.

We knew instantly that we would be working alongside a dedicated and committed group of people who know what hard work and the value of working together means. Brian set out instantly introducing himself to small groups of them telling them that he’s a Navy Veteran. He thanked each of them for their service to our country and to our beautiful community camp.

These service men and two women worked tirelessly with all of the other volunteers until every single thing on the “to do” list was completed.

I also had the honor of thanking several of them for their service to our country throughout the weekend. I let them know of my admiration for their bravery, as we live in such uncertain times.

In keeping with the theme from my “Kindness and Generosity” post from October 16th, please join me, my family, and my friends by acknowledging a veteran or an active service person for their brave and dedicated service to us all. I have five hand-made ski hats that I’m dying to give out in a drawing to anyone who wants to participate. Ski hat or not, this is important. The young men and women we met this weekend were bolstered by the recognition they received.

Post a comment on my Blog or email me at letting me know that you honored a veteran or an active service person.  If you wish, you can include how you did this.

On November 12, 2014, the day after Veteran’s Day, I will randomly pick five names from those who participated.  I will then gladly send each of the winners a Made-in-the-USA ski hat.


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