Kindness and Generosity…

These two words perfectly describe a woman I met over the summer through my work as a home care occupational therapist. Here’s what happened: I discharged her about 3 months ago. But before I did, we got to know about each others interests and hobbies. I learned that she sews and is a master quilter. She learned that I’m involved in a sailing program for people with disabilities.

About a month ago, I found hand-made walker bags in my mail box at work. Marilyn (not her real name) made these from left over quilting material and arranged to have them sent to me to give out to my patients.   I was overwhelmed with gratitude for a few reasons.

  1. We have very little supplies in home care. Patients are basically on their own, and have to purchase just about everything they need.  Having these to give out is so valuable.
  2. I had no idea she that she even began such a project, and then to have them sent right to me? It also indicated that she must be feeling better, which is always my wish for anyone who is in pain or experiencing health issues.

Yesterday, I found another bag of nicely crafted walker bags at my office waiting for me. Although I didn’t expect this (I should have though, knowing her), I also found five wonderfully knitted or crocheted (not sure which since I do neither) ski hats, with a note asking me to give them to my “Disabled Warriors.”  I tried hard to think of why she thought I was involved with such a program, and can only conclude that the sailing program gave her that idea.

So, I’d like to extend Marilyn’s kindness and generosity to you all by throwing down a challenge to honor our veterans and active service people.

I ask everyone, when they have an opportunity, to thank an Armed Service person for their brave, dedicated, and loyal service to our country and our world. These men and women sign up to serve not knowing what will be demanded of them. They submit to intense training and are sent around the world, ultimately protecting the day-to-day lives that we so cherish.

So please, join me in thanking a veteran in any way you feel is appropriate. This includes former and current service people, and can certainly be a stranger in uniform at the grocery store, coffee shop, or any public place.

Here’s where the hand-made ski hats come in: Post a message on my blog or email me at that you  thanked a veteran.  If you wish, you can include how you honored him or her.

On November 12, 2014, the day after Veteran’s Day, I will randomly pick five names from those who participated, and will send you a Marilyn-Made…Made-in-the-USA ski hat.

The challenge begins this minute — GO!


Marilyn’s hand-made ski hats…


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6 Responses to Kindness and Generosity…

  1. A really neat post and a super idea, Diane!

    I have a couple ideas now to follow up on for a current soldier in Iraq and some vets.

    • Diane Fiore says:

      I love how ideas grow, Jackie. I never would have thought of this had Marilyn not mentioned the Wounded Warrior Project. Whatever you have in mind for the brave will be wonderful, I’m sure.

  2. Diane-I just put my card in the mail today for my uncle who served in Korea, and has been very active in veteran’s organizations ever since. I believe it will make his day. And if it doesn’t, I know for sure that it made mine! Thank you again for the great idea!

    • Diane Fiore says:

      What a nice way to acknowledge someone who is still so dedicated to Veterans’ causes. My sincere thanks and gratitude to him for his service and continued involvement and support. And to you, too Jackie for your kind gesture to him.

  3. Jill says:

    Today we went to Stratton Air National Guard base in Scotia, NY. We gave the army people coffee and donuts. It was very fun visiting them and thanking them for protecting our country. I hope they like our donuts and coffee! Tessa
    We had a blast exploring Albany,NY while getting the doughnuts and coffee! I hope they like them!!=) Erin
    We decided to do this today, as the girls had a half day of school. Along for the adventure was Tessa, age 7, Erin, age 11, and Mackenzie, age 12.

    • Diane Fiore says:

      Wow…I’m so impressed with your caring of others, especially our United States Service people. You young ladies are role models for us all. Thanks to you for taking the time to do something so important. I can only imagine how thrilled the personnel of Stratton Air National Guard Base are today. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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