Haul Out and Winter In


The ceremonial “Martin 16 Haul-Out” took place today at Camp Chingachgook. One by one, the unsinkable sail boats were pulled from the water that they’ve been ~in-the-ready~ for all summer for carrying precious human cargo to support recreational sailing and racing meets. Their mandatory rests, promoted by the extreme changes in seasons here in the Northeast, will also extent to the sailors, staff and volunteers of the Y-Knot Sailing program.


To mark this last lakeside gathering of my Y-Knot friends, I have a few more sailing terms that can be easily weaved into summing up our great sailing season.

Here goes:

Ship Shape meaning neat and seaman like is exactly what the wintering-over resting area for the Martin 16’s looks like. We have figuratively Battened Down the Hatches for the season.

— Although it looks like we’ve Abandoned Ship and Run Aground by now, our hearts and minds won’t be too far from planning for next year’s program when we uncover and re-launch the vessels in the Spring.

— We may all be a little Pooped (swamped by high seas) after a full and exciting summer, and may find ourselves Adrift in snow banks this winter, we’re all also anxious to reclaim the Helm and fill the sails with wind again when the weather invites us back.


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