Patio Parties


Grandma and Grandpa’s patio, was a very special place,

Surrounded by pretty rose bushes, and a hue of Grandma’s grace.


Whether gathered in a small group, or in a large and lively band,

Grandma and Grandpa welcomed every guest, with an open and inviting hand.


Grandma could be seen scurrying, in her seemingly effortless way,

While Grandpa sat on the patio, entertaining the kids in his unusually funny way.  


He drank his Utica club, from the can it was packaged in,

And smoked Chesterfields, while the radio announcer shared the projected win.


The screen door would close so quietly, due to the cloth Grandma tacked on the jamb,

So she could come and go from the kitchen, without a constant slam.


She’d use her foot so wisely, to open the screened kitchen door,

Using the special handle, she installed nearly at the floor.


Us kids all sat in anticipation, as Grandma spooned her special sauce,

The kind that goes so well with the macaroni she made – we all knew that she was the boss.


Us youngsters we drank our milk, this we always had,

While the grown-up sipped wine from small juice glasses – after a while, they all seemed so glad.


When the meal was finally over, and we felt like half alive,

We’d unbutton our pants and lay down in the living room, and take at least a five.


While we cousins rested, we’d catch up from our time spent apart,

The adults continued to visit, until it was time to reluctantly depart.


But before the round of visiting would end, in a time that was so sweet,

We could be sure to hear the echo of Grandma, bidding us all a hardy bon appetit.


While we screamed in delight at our time together, that was so perfectly neat,

We could also be sure that we’d hear Grandpa say, at least one funny Stata-zit!

This weekend we’ll all be a-gathering, sharing more memories of those golden days,

And while we visit and laugh and reminisce, we’ll hold Grandma and Grandpa up in forever praise.


We’re having a small family reunion next weekend in Lake George with our uncle and cousins from Virgina.  We’ve already begun sharing our precious memories of Grandma and Grandma in anticipation of our time together.

The stories never get old.

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8 Responses to Patio Parties

  1. Before I forget... says:

    What a lovely picture you have painted of a lovely time.

  2. Raining Iguanas says:

    My favorite part is the special handle installed near the bottom of the screen door so she could open it with her foot. It was important because she knew she would be carrying large casserole dishes full of love out it to the hungry family she clearly cherished.

  3. dementedgirl says:

    I always enjoy reading posts in verse, and this was an excellent one! It reminded me of my own poem about my grandmother, and the memories I have of when I was little.

    DG x

    • Diane Fiore says:

      Thanks, DG! That’s quite a compliment coming from such an accomplished poet as yourself. I’ve been enjoying reading your posts about your experiences. They are so full of meaning and very powerfully written.

      I will take some time in the near future to read the post on your grandmother. I don’t want to rush through it. I’ll look forward to sitting down and reading it. Thanks for your visit.

  4. Ann says:

    I only knew my Dad’s mother and didn’t see her often. This poem and nostalgic vision of your grandparents patio parties is just they way I would have wanted to spend time with my grand folks. Thanks for the sweet vision Diane!

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