The Ti Race


I had the distinct honor of being a companion sailor in the Ti Race on Lake George today. Up and at ‘em at 4:50am to be at the Y-knot Sailing dock at 7am to help with rigging the boats. By 8:30, Captain Mark and I were situated in our boat and heading south on the Lake to position ourselves to begin the race at 9:30am.

One by one, the grand sail boats gathered to begin the race. It was a spectacle. A sight. An elegant and graceful pageant of beauty, meandering and swirling around behind the start line, waiting for the flag to drop. There were four boats in our category and several in other categories. The bigger boats had to travel miles. Our group’s path was marked by about 2 miles heading north, with instruction to sail around Dome Island, and then head to the finish line out in front of the Y-Knot Sailing Pavilion.

Our youngest sailor, Krystal won the race in our category, and Sailor Mark and I glided through the finish line as the grand finale position winners. We thought we were victors for just being in the race.

The sailors all have disabilities.  They’re all exceptional champions and heroes living their special lives with a sense of bravery and adventure, and as role models, teaching by doing.

Sailing hats off to all.



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