Jibs, and lines, and mainsails, Oh My!


Brian and I attended our second Sunday sailing with the Y-Knot program at Camp Chingaghgook. We arrived a few hours before the sailors to help with rigging the sails. Brian and I must look like the Crash Test Dummies as we have no idea what we’re doing. Hitting our heads on the boom and slipping off the bow. We’re always so thankful for the experienced volunteers who have patience and a sense of humor when coaching and teaching us.

They calmly tell us to remove the mooring covers, attach the mainsail to the main halyard, the boom clips and Cunningham Line, and then hoist. Then something about Jib halyards and rudders, and tangled lines…and on and on. Somehow, it all comes together in time for the arrival of the sailors, lunch, and a quick calk-talk to go over some sailing rules.

Six sailors came today and one by one, out they went, with Brian and I being 5th and 6th with our partners. The weather was picture perfect, with the wind at 5-10 knots.

As I’m writing this, my brain is still responding to the ups and downs of the great waves of Lake George, especially after boats that look like ocean liners with twin 175 horse power motors flew past us.

Good thing I’m not prone to sea sickness.


One more boat to rig…


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2 Responses to Jibs, and lines, and mainsails, Oh My!

  1. Care says:

    boom clips and mooring covers, wow! You are learning so many new terms. Good for you both. You are doing a great job.

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