Becoming a Sailor by Fire

Brian and I attended our first sailing day with Y-Knot sailors. Four sailors and seven volunteers showed up and geared up for a perfect sailing day on Lake George. I claim one of the veteran volunteers as one of my own because he’s married to my cousin Joan. His name is Bob, and he guided Brian and I though rigging up the sails on one of the four Martin 16’s that were going to be used today.   Without Bob’s expert and patient help, Brian and I would still be untangling lines and likely pulling each other out of the bay.

We had about 45 minutes before the Y-Knot sailors were scheduled to arrive after successfully setting up sails, so two of the expert volunteer sailors took Brain and I out for chapter one of ~How to Sail~. It was our first time ever sailing, and it was quite liberating.



We arrived back at the Y-Knot Pavilion just in time for lunch and a short ~Chalk Talk~ session about some rules of sailing, and we then began helping load the sailors and their volunteer companions.

Next thing we knew, Brian was being asked to be a Companion Sailor…to sail with one of the veteran Y-Knot sailors. He took the request in stride and grabbed a life jacket.   Much to my surprise, my name was called next and I was directed to do the same. We were both wondering how they could possibly think we were ready for such an important job, but we must have passed the unofficial test in our earlier lessons. Besides, we were just companions…not the actual sailors. We just had to grab a line if asked, or hand the sailor a bottle of water.

Off we went, sailing into the wind. Gliding along the magical waves of Lake George, with the warm breeze and sun on our faces, feeling like small but important pieces of the mystical universe. We partnered with these fearless and skilled sailors in an unforgettable few hours, knowing that although partnering with them creates a recognizable opportunity for them to sail, the benefit to us, the volunteers, is actually quite immeasurable.

Brian Sailing Diane Sailing


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2 Responses to Becoming a Sailor by Fire

  1. mafarckle says:

    Diane, this is wonderful.  Pretty soon you will be a Captain and can take us all out for a ride.  I remember when I used to take all you guys out for a bus ride.  We would sit on the cellar stairs.  I would be at the bottom of the stairs as the driver, and you all piled up on each step.  And we went many interesting places.  Then we hiked it up a notch, and went out with a real car, and everyone got a chance to drive throughout the school roads, during the summer when it was pretty vacant.  You all did very well, even little Jilly Bug and Matthew when they were only around 7 years old.    Love from Old Mother Farckle, who has a twinkle and a sparkle.   Remember when we had to get a strip of panel, a slip of flannel, and remember a channel.  Those were the days when I could do more than one thing at a time.

    • Diane Fiore says:

      Ma Farckle, I don’t remember the bus rides, but I also don’t doubt it! You took on on many great adventures without even leaving the house. Some of the adventures should have even sparked a little fear, but not us…we loved and trusted you…and still do. Steady as she goes while you do one thing at a time. That’s about where I’m at too. Love you! BSF

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