Cake Walk

Life with Mom

—-This is one story of a shared life with Mom after her diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease and moving in with her a little over a year ago.—

My mother had her last orthopedic appointment yesterday after breaking her hip on January 31st. In so many words, the Doctor said so long, have a nice life, be careful. But before sending us on our way, we shoved some pictures at him to prove progress. The pictures we showed him are below, and are of my mother hiking a small wooded incline, crossing three creeks, and ending up at a spot overlooking Lake George…of course with a little help from her “friends” and a walking stick. This was a cake walk for her, and was a month ago on Easter.  Just 2.5 months after the injury.

The good Doctor grabbed the pictures out of my hand and looked at them again. He looked up and said he didn’t know if he could do this.


Mom and Me Hiking 1


We thanked him for his expert service, though knowing that no matter how well he “fixed” this hip, the progress was really up to the patient.

Through courage, perseverance, and listening very closely to her daughter, Mom has returned to her normal life.   Yay Mom!

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2 Responses to Cake Walk

  1. sue duncan says:

    So similar to my story! My mom lived with me for 4 years being in stage 2 Alzheimer’s. My mother too, is a tough little woman who can climb like a goat in her 80’s. A cheery smile and a happy spirit, I know still exists even though the memory part is gone. Keep on loving!

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