Little Jimmy James

The cutest babysitter, E.V.E.R…only surpassed by the cuteness of the baby.

Brian had his very first babysitting job last weekend. He’s 56 years old. I guess it’s never too late. He offered to babysat little 16 month-old Jimmy James so his parents could go to the last showing of “Of Mice and Men” at Hubbard Hall in Cambridge with me and a few other friends.   Little Jimmy James knows and likes “Uncle Brian”, so his parents entrusted their precious child to him.

The story goes, as told by Brian, (Jimmy James can’t yet talk) that they had an unforgettable few hours together. They disappeared down the street, stroller happily moving at joyful clip towards the Antique shop owned by our friend, Jack.  Jimmy James was mesmerized by the sights of things hanging high and low. Brian got to catch up with his friend, and they left.

Next stop: Stewart’s, at the other end of town for a special treat…ice cream. Brian ordered one ice cream and two spoons, and fed his little buddy while enjoying some himself. It was a beautiful day, so roaming the streets of Cambridge was part of the magic.

When the play ended, we all went out to see how little J. J. and “Uncle Brian” did, and figured out that they took off in J.J.’s car and went to Bedlam Farm to see the baby lambs, the donkeys, and Red, the master sheep herder. A short while later, they returned, Brian carrying his little friend, both looking infused with innocence and happiness.

Little J.J. made a thank you note for Brian which now hangs on our fridge.   I think the biggest thank you comes from Brian, though. Jimmy James will likely never remember this day, but I know for sure that the babysitter will never forget the joy of those few hours spent with his little friend on a nice spring day in Cambridge.


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2 Responses to Little Jimmy James

  1. Glynny Schiavoni says:

    Beautiful, Diane. Good for you, Brian!
    Love you guys,

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