Welcome Home, Mom!

We got the news on Friday that Mom is coming home on Wednesday.  Less than two weeks since she broke her hip, and she’s well enough to come home.  The quickness of her recovery happens to a very small percentage of people.  I’ve never done a study, but working as an occupational therapist for 25 years with people like my mother makes me think I’m right.

Meanwhile, setting things up at home to enhance safety has been a project.  Raised toilet seats, shower chairs, and walker trays are all on the “to-get” list.  My brother Vincent and I went out last night on a mission to get some of these things.  And everywhere we went, we were asked if we had an Advantage card, a Max card, a Plus card, and so on.  It’s a little annoying that we have to have card to get a “discount”, making you feel like if you don’t play their games, the consequences are that you pay more.  I don’t know many people who have time to play these games, and then remember to use a future emailed perk for 3 cents off your next purchase.   It reminded me of a funny blog post that my friend John Greenwood wrote a while back describing this shopping challenge.  The post is called ARGHHH!  He describes this annoyance way better than I can.

Meanwhile, on my last day off before heading back to work tomorrow, I wanted to make a snow creature with the lovely snow we got last week.  Instead of piling snow up myself, I saw a plowed patch at the end of my mother’s driveway that looked a little like a dinosaur.  So I saved myself some energy and just turned these little mounds into a welcome home mascot for my mother.  I think she’ll be amused.

As I was doing this, I thought of a funny blog post from my friend Tess who recently wrote about Galdys Kravitz from Bewitched.  She wrote it from Gladys’ point of view, but decorating the snow bank made me think that the neighbors must think I’m a little nuts…kind of like Mrs. Kravtiz did of the Stevens.  At least Enodra didn’t appear out of nowhere today.  I can explain all of my actions…no witchcraft, I swear.  Just fun in the snow.

Snow Creature

I enhanced “Dina” by computerizing some body parts.

I think Mom will like her new pet.


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7 Responses to Welcome Home, Mom!

  1. maria wulf says:

    You are so wonderfully wacky Diane! I’m so glad to hear how well Mom is doing.

  2. Ann says:

    I guess I condensed my comments for your last two posts in the earlier one, Diane. I’ll bet your neighbors think you are a wonderful person. And very creative! Best wishes to you and your Mom. 🙂

  3. Care says:

    What a cool snow figure. Someone at camp built a snowman laying down, on the baseball field. You people can be so creative. Sounds like the house will be ready for your Mom by the time she comes home. I remember when you came to my Dad’s house to give him tips about the house and the bath tub, etc. You know your stuff! Welcome home to your Mom!

  4. mafarckle says:

    You are so creative Diane, and your mom is very fortunate to have her own personal O.T. !  What a joy you are.  Thank you for who you are.  Love, Patti

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