Frosty’s Distant Cousin

They said it couldn’t be done.  The snow wasn’t “packing” snow.  And they were right…sort of.

We had a small unexpected snow storm yesterday.  As I’ve been revisiting scenes from my childhood this past year, I had an idea that I didn’t want the winter to get away without making Frosty come alive again.


I’m not a competitive person.  I think that’s why I really cherish my memories of our long-ago winter fun.  Sleigh riding, making snow forts and tunnels, and rolling a snowman was always a group effort.  No competition, just all working towards the same goal of having fun together.

I worked alone today but managed to create a snow creature out of snow that was difficult to pack.  S/he has all of the magic that our friend Frosty has, while sporting my father’s scarf.


Although this isn’t a four-leaf clover, it appeared during the molding phase, undamaged and just as green as it was last summer.


I’m believer in the charm and magic that this clover represents.   It fit right in with my child-like project.

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2 Responses to Frosty’s Distant Cousin

  1. Ann says:

    I see YOU haven’t lost your “child-like” gifts of creating magic and cherishing memories,Diane!!

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