Three Very Wise Men


A Police Officer, a Public Defender, and a Minister/Physicist; All from very different backgrounds; all have a very powerful connection.  It’s their philosophy on how to live.  They accept what has been given to them.  They take the good with the bad.  And these men don’t know each other.  They gathered this wisdom on their own, coming to the conclusion that there’s power and comfort in living with the energy of acceptance.

They all seem to believe that dwelling on the past is a waste of time.  That being present and enjoying the moment is extremely important, and planning for the future, even when the future seems bleak, is a critical component to their well-being.  It fosters hope.

The Police Officer is keenly aware of the seemingly random gift of the sparing of his own life during his time of Service.  He knows without a doubt that his life was preserved against all odds.  He was involved in operations that with one wrong move on anyone’s part, including his own, he would have been gone.   He knows it.  He saw it happen to some of his peers.  He values his life and life experiences to the core.  No regrets.  No second guessing.  Just living gratefully in the moment, despite aging and illness.

The Public Defender served his community with an air of bravery and justice.  The many strangers who were thrown his way looking for assistance and fairness most likely got what they were looking for.  I’m sure he felt that there were those who didn’t deserve an advocate.  But he also knew that everyone, under the laws and constitution of our nation, deserve fairness regardless of what they were accused of.  Then, aging and poor health took over, and he now needs an advocate.  He accepts the help of others the way he knows his help was received by the many he served over the years.  He also accepts that his position in life has changed.  And he lives with no regrets.

The Minister/Physicist lives what some may call a contradictory life.  How can someone be a scientist and a spiritual leader?  They seem opposed.  One is based on seemingly blind trust and belief; the other on hard facts and data.  But his spirituality and understanding that mysteries have and will always exist support his scientific practice.  Who knows better than a scientist that there are just some things that cannot be explained?  These two worlds come together for this man, and promote a sacred and divine substance for living, despite on-going uncertainties and the experience of loneliness.  He knows he’s never alone.  That’s what keeps him going.

These men are symbols of ordinary people with extraordinary ideas and philosophies for living.  Service, forgiveness, empathy, belief, promotion of others, and the knowledge that nothing is promised.  They have accepted all that has come their way, good and bad, and have the wisdom and constitution to live the rest of their days knowing that the simple act of accepting their amazing lives will keep them safe.

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4 Responses to Three Very Wise Men

  1. maria wulf says:

    So insightful Diane……

  2. Ann says:

    Are these men your patients, Diane? Your reflections on their lives makes me want to embrace mine all the more!

    • Diane Fiore says:

      That’s a good point, Ann. I’m thinking of the future, and you’ve made the point of embracing the present. Thanks for that clue…
      (PS: I fixed that darned IPad misspelling)

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