Holiday Happenings

Sharon Springs entered another time warp yesterday as the residents welcomed Victorian clad visitors to their annual Holiday Celebration.  The magic of the day was magnified by a snow covered ground and light snow flakes dancing in the atmosphere.


The American Hotel

The town Historian gave an informative and interesting talk on the fascinating history of Sharon Springs, and the whimsical shops captured everyone’s attention with their interesting wares.

028 030 021

The New York House Bed and Breakfast was booked, and they hosted a wine and spirits tasting event in the afternoon.


This sign hangs above the door to their community room where the event took place.


The horse drawn cart carried travelers through town like in the olden days, while others strolled on foot through the village.


Josh and Brent were welcoming all into their interesting Beekman 1802 shop where many browsed and purchased unique products,  while others gathered outside to enjoy the day.



Stepping into yesteryear is an activity that Brian and I look forward to every year.  It was a day that won’t soon, if ever, be forgotten.


After the Sharon Springs event, I went home, changed into modern-day garb and went to another annual event held by my college friends.   It was an exhausting, but fulfilling and memorable day.


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5 Responses to Holiday Happenings

  1. Jackie Campbell says:

    Sounds like a great day! Love those photos!

  2. Ann says:

    Diane,you live in a fun and spirited community! This looks like a wonderful day!

  3. Glynny says:

    Love all the good lookin’ ” kids” in that last photo, Sweet Diane!

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