An Auto With a lot of Horse Power


I love Riverview Orchards.  They have the absolute best raspberry pie I’ve ever had.  The store is set-up like an old-fashioned country store, and their goods are the best.  I stop there as often as I can, but not just for pie.  I like to see my little old big friend Auto.  He’s a magnificent Rottweiler who looks like a tank.  His size and breed are intimidating, but his personality reminds me of a perfect Angel.

The first time I saw him a few years ago, he ran out the door to greet us as we opened it.  My heart stopped for a second, and my whole body tingled.  I’m afraid of dogs.  I’ve been attacked before.  I never really got hurt, but the lunging and questionable intentions of the dog when they’re going after me scare the day lights out of me.  And, dogs are very intuitive.  They know who’s afraid of them, and can plan to attack you before you “attack” them.

As Auto was coming towards me today, I said out loud to the owner, “I’m scared, but I can’t help wanting to see him”.   He shimmied up to me and enjoyed a head massage.  He sat down and leaned on me, all 148 pounds of him.  He even agreed to pose next to his stuffed likeness.  Seeing him was worth the little not-so-hidden fear I have.  I’m always trying to over come it.  I practice on Auto.


While I was there, I checked out their bees.  They have this magnificent bee hive that is situated in the store with a hole to the outside of the building that allows the bees to come and go.  The owner told me many years ago that in the spring, they place their bee boxes so the openings are facing the east.  When the sun rises, it gets the bees going earlier for pollinating the orchard.  I quietly thank the bees as I pick up my local honey and Empire apples for my cereal.


The Riverview Orchards store is open all year long.  Stopping here is nowhere near a shopping task…it’s an adventure.

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3 Responses to An Auto With a lot of Horse Power

  1. brecore says:

    I didn’t know they were open all year around!!!!! Next stop for me!! lol 🙂

  2. Ann says:

    I LOVE this! I so want to go to this store! Auto is a big sweetie! I didn’t know about your feelings on dogs, Diane! You are brave and so wise to allow yourself to approach big,intimidating dogs like Auto. I truly admire you dor that. I was bitten by a dog two years ago. I know the feeling! I’m so glad there are big loves like Auto to help folks see that Rottweilers can be big Teddy bears!

    How cool is it that they have a room for bees! I would love to see that! And then you can buy your honey,right there! Everyone should witness this,so they appreciate bees and how extremely vital they are to all life!

    • Diane Fiore says:

      I hate that I’m afraid of dogs. People are always surprised because I have dogs…but your own dogs are different, of course. But Auto is a big LOVE!

      And I am fascinated with bees. I think there are many who have no idea how important they are to our survival. Thanks for stopping, Ann.

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