Thankfulness Challenge: November 30, 2013

I’m thankful for…

…so many things, too numerous to write about in a short month.

On this day, as November comes to a close, I’m thinking of how this list could go on and on.  And it will, just on a quieter basis.

My friend Jackie who’s Blog is Quilt of Missing Memories hit on a sensitive subject today to close out her month of Gratitude.  She wrote about a few people she noticed yesterday who seem to struggle on a daily basis for the basics that many of us on some level take for granted.  My Grandmother G. used to say “One side of the world doesn’t know how the other side lives.”  Hearing this as a kid, and not fully understanding it, I knew it was important because she said it.  I get it now.  Just look around.  It doesn’t have to be the other side of the world.

My niece Brittney who writes on her new Blog, Finding Life, reminds us that although many of us lead busy lives, we must never forget about the worth of things like our jobs, our vehicles, family, and friends.  It’s all too easy to lose sight of the value of these gifts.  Quite insightful for a young woman, I’d say.

As November ends, I’m thankful to all who visited and read my posts.

For you, I’m eternally grateful.

* * * Peace * * *


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6 Responses to Thankfulness Challenge: November 30, 2013

  1. Ann says:

    It’s true! As much as we are grateful for the things,people,circumstances in our lives,we should also consider those who struggle to have these blessings. May we give a little of our blessings to those going without.

    I’ve waited all month to say this:

    I am so very grateful for you Diane and the beautiful friendship we have cultivated over the miles between us. You and your writings have sustained me though a very rough time in my life. I know you were a blessing bestowed on me by the Creator. This journey would have been so much darker and harder bear without your heart felt stories and experiences. I am GRATEFUL FOR YOU!

    • Diane Fiore says:

      Ann, your kind words and your lovely friendship mean so much to me. You have also helped me in ways that are hard to put into words. Your support and willingness to share your stories over this last year has been a true gift. I’m GRATEFUL FOR YOU, too my friend.

  2. Diane-

    As I read Ann’s beautiful comment above, I immediately recognized that I feel the same way. I’m so thankful I’ve gotten to know you through our blogging, and then actually in person this year. Like Ann, I am grateful for you!

  3. Diane Fiore says:

    Jackie, Meeting you on line and then in person this year has been one of those unexpected and magical human connections. I’ve been inspired by your personal stories and struggles with Alzheimer’s in your family, and with your commitment to be positive and create somewhat of a new life for yourself. I’m truly honored to have you as a friend.

  4. mafarckle says:

    Thank you Diane, love to you, Patti

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