Thankfulness Challenge: November 17, 2013

I’m thankful for…

…Peppertree Dog Rescue.


We went to a Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser last night to support Peppertree Rescue, the wonderful organization that we got our dogs from.

Peppertree has been around since the late 1990’s and has placed over 2000 dogs.  It isn’t a place, but a complex network of volunteers who donate their time, energy, expertise, and lots and lots of goodwill to the dogs and the people who adopt them.

They maintain that they “find people for dogs, not dogs for people.”  And, if an adoption doesn’t work out at any time, including the need to give up a Peppertree dog 10 years down the road, the contract insists and requires that the dog be returned to them.

My husband, Brian, is a formal volunteer for the organization.  He goes to clinics and handles dogs while would-be adopters visit and get to know the squirmy pets.  He has also had an enormous amount of fun playing Santa for Peppertree at our local Petsmart as another fundraising effort.

Brian - Santa 2

This is our Merlin. Hard to tell if he knew it was Brian…I suspect he did and just wondered what the get-up was about.

Brian - Santa 1

Being involved with Peppertree has also allowed Brian and I to be involved with CUR’s (Canine Underground Railroad/Rescue) where a network of people, spanning hundreds of miles, transport dogs to their new owners or to other rescue organizations.   The most memorable one was picking up 3 very tired Great Pyr’s and delivering them to their new owners.  It was a week before Christmas, and we felt like we were delivering gifts.  I suppose we were.  We had some very excited humans waiting for us.

Rescue is not for the weak at heart.  For all of the happy and successful adoptions, there’s usually a little sadness attached to the situations where a dog has to be surrendered, or just has too many problems and doesn’t adjust well to their foster home or their new home.  But once a Peppertree dog, always a Peppertree dog, which means that the dog will always have a veil of protection from Peppertree.

So, we hear it often from the tireless volunteers, especially when there’s obvious exhaustion from fundraisers or long and complex clinics:


***Over $3000 was raised at last night’s dinner!***

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2 Responses to Thankfulness Challenge: November 17, 2013

  1. Ann says:

    You are ALL SUPER-DUPER HEROS! Thank You So Much for giving these homeless dogs chances at new lives. This kind of commitment takes boundless endurance. Bless You!

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