Thankfulness Challenge: November 16, 2013

I’m thankful for…

…my other Grandmother.

I’ve written about Grandma Mamie before.  She even has her own category on my Blog.  And so I wanted to add a little story about how her creativity, her ability to get things done, and her focus on fashion continues to inspire me long after she has left this world.

Grandma lived as if there was nothing she couldn’t do…from painting a house, to fearlessly getting on her roof and changing her windows every year well into her 80’s, to making a homemade spaghetti dinner for more than 50 people, to making jewelry that she loved.

She was also a master seamstress who made many of her own dresses, made clothes for her granddaughters, and made curtains and furniture coverings.

She made it a point to always look nice, even if she wasn’t going out.  She was never without lipstick, rouge, and nicely coiffured hair.

Although I admit I could never do all of the things she did, I do think about how enterprising she was and allow it to guide and motivate me, especially when I’m facing something that seems impossible.


She made this doll decoration for her bathroom with the material she made the curtains out of.
The doll’s face is a little spooky, but fun to look at in my bathroom now.


Grandma is 47 years old in this picture. She’s wearing a pin in the shape of a well manicured hand. I have the Pin. I’ve worn it in the past, and have gotten quite a number of comments on it…good comments and some questionable comments and reactions. She wore this pin a lot. She loved it…so I love it!



I made this flower box in a wood working class many years ago. I tried to somewhat replicate a flower box she used to have on her patio. I used beads and things from her costume jewelry to decorate it.


This is Grandma’s dress-form and her dress. I made a lamp out of it. It’s my favorite lamp.



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5 Responses to Thankfulness Challenge: November 16, 2013

  1. Glynny says:

    I think you inherited the creative gene from Grandma Maime. I know that makes her smile! Thanks for sharing.
    Love you, sweet girl.

  2. Maria Wulf says:

    I had no idea you were so creative just like grandma Mamie. I absolutely love the lamp!

  3. Ann says:

    So,THIS is where you get it! What a beautiful woman Grandma Mamie was. When I saw her age in the picture,I jumped a little. I’m forty-seven. I love people who just do what their hearts inspire them to do!

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