Thankfulness Challenge: November 9, 2013

I’m thankful for…

…my health.

Health and well-being are the greatest assets.  We think we’re invincible when we’re young, and can throw caution to the wind.  I now fully understand that old saying: “Youth is wasted on the young.”

I spent July, August and September feeling pretty horrible.  I wasn’t able to work a full day, and barely able to keep my daily house-hold routines above water.  In fact, I didn’t many times, and just worked hard on accepting things where they were.  It wasn’t easy, and I wasn’t always successful.

There are so many things I want to do in life, and I made a promise and commitment to myself a few years ago to not put off until tomorrow, because tomorrow may never come.  Being a healthcare service provider, I’ve seen it all.  I spent nine years working in an Emergency Department, and since then, mostly with seniors.  I quietly try to glean from them if they feel they have lived the life they wanted, or felt controlled by other forces like their spouses, children, work, living situations, finances, lack of confidence and self-worth, etc.  I can’t say that I come to any hard conclusions about any individual unless they start talking deeply about their lives, but I have come to my own conclusions about my own life and thoughts about living well.  “Live the life you want as best as you can, and live it now!”

I finished a series of diagnostics yesterday that started in July.  I tried really hard over the last several months to avoid worrying about an undiagnosed serious medical issue, but it’s really impossible to completely escape those thoughts.  Aside from “normal” aging, my results came back with an unwritten promise of wellness.  I know that today, in this very moment, I feel good physically and mentally, and will embrace this feeling of well-being.  I will focus on maintaining my health by doing what I can to continue to understand myself and harness the things that make me happy and content.   Even in the face of adversity of any kind, whether it be about health, weather disasters, or unthinkable atrocities to humanity, having HOPE at the center of your life can keep the life lines burning.  I’ve been witness to this remarkable energy from the people I’ve met.  They are my greatest teachers, and I thank them.


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2 Responses to Thankfulness Challenge: November 9, 2013

  1. Ann says:

    I had no idea you didn’t feel well,Diane! You soldiered on very well! I’m so happy to hear things look good. Your words are all so true. I,too,have reached an age where I realize each day is a gift. All my tomorrow’s are dwindling and I best make the most of everything. Taking this month to “be in gratitude” is a HUGE step in that direction. Suddenly,life seems so precious and finite. Savor it,gobble it up and be as kind and gracious as we possibly can be.

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