Thankfulness Challenge: November 3, 2013

I was inspired on a daily basis during the November Thankfulness Challenge last year.  My sister-in-law, Debbie, and my cousin-in-law April, took on the challenge and wrote something they were thankful for every day.

I was impressed with their commitment to doing this.   As Debbie and April are my inspirational guides, I’ve decided to take on the challenge.

So here goes….

I’m thankful for…

Camp Chingachgook and the remarkable programs they put on for the community and the world.  The camp is located on Lake George in New York, surrounded by immense Adirondack beauty.  This year marks their 100th anniversary.  And although their main mission is empowering children and young people from around the world by teaching life and leadership skills by building self-confidence, compassion and stewardship, they also round out their program offerings to include women, mothers and daughters, families, and offer seasonal day programs for kayaking, sailing, hiking, etc.   The camp also offers a pretty delicious Thanksgiving dinner for the public.


Brian and I spent the weekend in volunteer mode with over 100 other volunteers beautifying the camp.  We join the volunteer ranks every Spring and Fall, and although we come home without much energy to spare, we’re fulfilled by having the opportunity to be a part of something that has such a positive effect on humanity.


Our small group of six stained the railings on the top of this new Y-Knot Sailing Pavilion.
Today, we stain the benches and chairs.


It kind of glows now.

We hiked when the work day ended.  Entering the magical forest and climbing until we could rest and admire beautiful lake George from a popular lookout was the reward.



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2 Responses to Thankfulness Challenge: November 3, 2013

  1. Ann says:

    Looks like a fantastic way to spend a weekend,Diane! Your part of the country is so beautiful,especially in the Fall.

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