Thankfulness Challenge: November 1, 2013

I was inspired on a daily basis during the November Thankfulness Challenge last year.  My sister-in-law, Debbie, and my cousin-in-law April, took on the challenge and wrote something they were  thankful for every day.

I was impressed with their commitment to doing this.  

As Debbie and April are my inspirational guides, I’ve decided to take on the challenge.

So here goes….

I’m thankful for…

…our community farm.  The Denison Farm has provided us with 22 weeks of organic magic in the form of delicious fruits and veggies.  Being first-time members of this CSA group (Community Support Agriculture), we opened our box each week in restless anticipation of what goodness awaited us and how we would use the variety that was packed so neatly in each box.  Things like bok choy, tatsoi, turnips, and fennel, would have never been on my grocery list.  I love to cook, and now have some new favorite recipes and ideas.

So, thank you Denison Farm, for your commitment to the Naturally Certified Grown standards, to the amazing quality of your goods, and for being so committed to what you do.

Our 22 week session ended 2 days ago.  We’ll be at the Farmer’s Markets this winter for sure.

034 037 047

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3 Responses to Thankfulness Challenge: November 1, 2013

  1. Ann mckinley says:

    Wow! That looks delish! I’d be grateful,too!

  2. This will not be a challenge for you. You could dig ‘thankful’ out of a tree stump.
    What a great post to start off with!

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