Halloween Hoopla

Halloween has always been a favorite.  Designing and coming up with homemade costumes was an October focus during the younger years.   All the neighborhood kids got involved.  And when the actual night came, it was magical.  Running through the cool night air trying hard not to trip on our flowing capes and long dresses, with the pointed goal of getting to our next inviting doorway.  It was all so adrenaline provoking.

And then I loved how the people who opened their doors for us pretended not to know who we were.  It was all part of the magic.


That’s me all the way to the right. My brother, Paul, is dressed like a lady with the red printed maxi skirt. Since there were only 5 kids in my family, and there are 6 in this picture, I’m not exactly sure who the 6th person is, looking at this 40 years later.



Brian and I spent the last many years hosting a Halloween party in our front yard in our old neighborhood.  Kids clad in ghostly costumes, princess dresses, and unforgettable masks came to our yard for a cookie, soda, and of course, a candy treat.  We had undeniable fun all of those years.  Probably more than the kids.


The character in the middle is my Grandmother’s dress form. We used to dress “her” up and stick her by the road on the special day.



I borrowed the dress form’s wig and costume one year.

But this year will be different.  After moving in with my mother this past March, we knew that an outdoor party in this quiet neighborhood wouldn’t be necessary or even practical.  We know of one scary Trick-or-Treater coming.  So we have something special for him…a ghastly clad bottle of Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate.   There may also be a candy treat for our young guest.   And who knows…he may not even recognize us.  You never know what costumes we’ll feel compelled to wear on that special hair-raising night.


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7 Responses to Halloween Hoopla

  1. Helen Tarof says:

     Diane  What fond Memories  you have, isn’t it wonderful!!  I bt the kids in your  old neighborhood MISS Y O U  Love Helen      


  2. Carol Schnitzer says:

    I know someone who will love that hot chocolate! 🙂 The one Fiore Halloween costume I will NEVER forget was when Paul showed up at the door with a giant tumbleweed on his head – it was just the funniest thing we had ever seen!

    • Diane Fiore says:

      That’s funny, Carol. How in the world did Paul get the tumble weed to stay on his head?? Too bad there’s not pic of that! Looking forward to a visit from our little ghoul neighbor on Halloween night.

  3. mafarckle says:

    You tend to so many things and constantly keep busy.  I don’t know how you do it?  I miss you all.  Love, Ma Farckle

  4. Ann says:

    You brought back so many memories for me with your story and pictures,Diane! I’m sure your old neighborhood will be missing your Halloween party. I’m sure they just plain miss you! Have a fun and spooky Halloween!

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