Send in the Clowns…

…and anything else that brings back sweet memories. 

I stumbled upon three boxes today that were jam-packed with memorabilia from the 80’s.  Back then, I was in the mode and of the age where saving things was just what you did.  I’ve since changed my mind about that, and try to convince myself that this kind of behavior is a waste of time, space, and future energy when trying to get rid of things.  I try to reason that looking forward and not back is the only logical thing to do.  But when I found these three boxes full of memories of laughter, connection, accomplishment, love, and yes, a little embarrassment, I was wholly glad that I acted like I was going to live forever without a clue about the future need to manage mountains of stuff that just gets packed away.  


I found some letters that my Grandma Mamie wrote to me while in I was in college.  Seeing her handwriting on the envelope with my college address made me gasp.  I read 2 of the letters, and fought back tears when I read the words “You are precious!!!” and “All my love.”   I’ve been wondering what happened to these letters.

I found some letters and a funny card from my oldest brother, Vincent, writing and encouraging me in my studies. 

I found my personal calendar from 1983.  Some of it’s hard to de-code, some of it I’d like to forget.

I found my college course catalog and my acceptance letter, and relived the feeling I had way back then of a promising future.

I found the 1987 Clown Commencement program from my community college for which I nervously did the spot light component of the ceremony.  I’m still trying to figure out how I got that job.  My theater professor asked, and I couldn’t say no.  I loved and admired him!


I just scratched the surface of the boxes and the memories they contain.  I’m so glad I kept these things.   Reliving special moments and feelings of an era-gone-by is priceless.   I may be re-thinking my current strategy of not saving things.  The memories are relived more fully with the actual material in hand. 


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4 Responses to Send in the Clowns…

  1. mafarckle says:

    Dear Diane, hear this music, “You are so beautiful to me”.  That is a wonderful find.  Life is just a memory.  Send in the Clowns was one of Ant Alice’s favorite songs.  I meant to send love to your mother with her loss of her baby dog.  It hurts a lot.  Love to you, Mama Farckle

  2. maria wulf says:

    I avoid memories like you embrace them Diane. How refreshing it is to see the joy you get from it all.

    • Diane Fiore says:

      There are some, maybe many, that I avoid too, Maria. But many also make me think of different times of joy that remind me of safety and comfort. Thanks for your visits and comments…always appreciated.

  3. Ann says:

    Diane,your writing of your trip down memory lane made me stop and reconsider my on going, life long efforts to micro manage my “stuff”. I’m always trying to unload my belongings. Perhaps I should tuck away a few treasures to find later,down the path,when I might be less able to create memories and more in a place of savoring them.

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