Scenes From my Office Windows

As a home care Occupational Therapist, I find interesting things to photograph during my daily trips around my two counties.

This is a very small photo journal of scenes from my office windows from this week.

Many weeks can go by without me seeing a single thing worth photographing .  When I do see something that interests me, I pull my camera out of the console as fast as I can.  Sometimes I get the shot.  Sometimes I don’t.  

I found a few interesting things this week…

The first one was the most fun.  I went into the Food Co-Op to get some lunch, and when I returned to my car, this nice old gentleman was sitting like a pillar in the back seat of his car, waiting for his driver to return.  I talked to him a little.  He listened at first, then ignored me.  I wanted to interview him and find out what wisdom he has stored in his pretty little old head, but he said he was tired and just wanted to rest in the sunshine.  So I left him alone.  I glanced over a few times, blew him a few kisses as I put the car in reverse, and before I pulled out, I wished him happy puppy dreams.  He closed his eyes and put his head down on his paws.



During another parking lot lunch break, a guy pulled in next to me.  He got out and went into the Deli.  I didn’t notice this at first, but when I did, I hurried to find my camera to get a shot of what looked to me like a framed picture.  I looked around first to be sure the owner of the mirror wasn’t heading back to his car. I was drawn to how nicely the image in the mirror was framed. 

(I think I may have been bored during this lunch break).




The Hudson River from my office parking lot.


Picnics are winding down. Soon, these tables will be covered in snow.

That’s it for this week.  It may be a long time before I encounter anything worth photographing again…though I hope not. 

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5 Responses to Scenes From my Office Windows

  1. Glynny says:

    Finding beauty in everyday things is the best, isn’t it? John and I went for a walk after dinner last week and were talking about how blessed we feel to live where we do. The foliage, sky and clouds were putting on a spectacular show and we were appreciating every second of it! God is so good to us!
    Love you, sweet Diane.

    • Diane Fiore says:

      You are so right, Glynny. We have a lot to be thankful for. We just have to keep our eyes open and believe. Thanks for your words of wisdom, you kind and wonderful woman. Love you…Diane

  2. mafarckle says:

    You are so wonderful to animals, and I love that about you.  Ma Kettle

  3. maria wulf says:

    love the photos Diane, they somehow remind me of your drawings. Must be the subject matter, or maybe I can see you drawing them and can imagine what they would look like.

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