The Awful Troubled Beauty That is Our Lives

Somehow, I keep waiting for life to even out and be routine.  My psyche thinks I can hope for this because it seems like things used to be that way.  I hate to be wishing for something that I don’t have, so I’m thinking that maybe life was never really routine, just a collection of different happenings that have different meanings at different times.   So I continue on, experiencing all that comes my way, grabbing moments of solitude and contentment when I can.

Bye, Bye Breezy

When my mother was “forced” to retire many years ago because of Dad’s need for full time supervision due to his advancing Alzheimer’s, the first thing she did was get a dog.   Her name was Sabrina. I called her Breezy.  She was a 3-year-old Shih Tzu, and she was sassy.  We had to wear gloves to pet her, and didn’t dare pick her up.  Her world was turned up-side-down when her reluctant family gave her up because she didn’t like their new baby.  My mother happened to witness the dropping-off of the dog to the rescue facility, and never forgot the anguish on the young mother’s face for doing what she knew she had to do.  After a relatively short time with mom and dad, Breezy settled in, and became a focal point of my parent’s home life.

At sweet sixteen and very blind, Breezy went home last week.   An old, blind dog can demand some “chore” responsibility, but she served her purpose by being a companion to my parents throughout the years, and was loved immeasurably in return.

Dear Breezy, I so hope you have found another position as Queen.  Wear your sparkly crown proudly.  Thank you for your service.


Little Breezy being babied.


This Fall Weather

These past few weeks of Northeast weather have been the best I can ever remember.  Our Spring was downright unpleasant.  It yielded to a rather nice, but hot summer, marching into a picturesque Autumn.  I love traveling on my home care routes, especially during sunny, fall days.  The colorful charm of the Northeast is likely unmatched.  I find myself whispering “wow” and “oh my God” as I travel from house to house.

006 008


Washington:  The District of Columbia; The District of Insanity;  The District of Childness

I’m having a hard time communicating my feelings in full sentences, about the “Shutting Down of Our Government”.    Some words come to mind though:

Furloughs and finger-pointing.  Shut down and shut up. Fact vs. fiction.  Self-centeredness and self-serving.  Narcissism and egotism.  Paralysis and standstill.  Risks and peril.  Silliness and recklessness. Greed!

There are more words, but it would just turn into name calling, and I don’t want to stoop to the level of some of our elected officials.

I don’t know what the answer is.  It’s hard to make any sense out of this charade.   We would like a little transparency please…and hurry up.  We’re all affected and tired of this nonsense.  The media doesn’t help.


Woodsy the Woodchuck

Woodsy the woodchuck wandered into our yard a few weeks ago.  We had just finished a gourmet omelet breakfast, and the next thing I know, my dogs are running through the back yard with young Woodsy in their mouths.  I’ve always wanted to fly, and that’s what I did.  I FLEW down a flight of stairs to the back yard in my night gown and started screaming.  I think my crazed reaction scared the dogs so much, they dropped him.  Long story short, Woodsy lived, I almost didn’t.  He better not do that again.  I cannot promise that he’ll live through another round.




I decided to take an Adult Ed class at my old school since we’ve moved back to the neighborhood.   It’s a silversmith workshop that began last week.  What I learned during the first class is that Silversmithing is very complicated.  I may opt to make a piece that doesn’t require using a torch.  One of my classmates said the same thing.  I fear that a torch mishap in the classroom may end up on the news since my classmate is Elaine Houston.  For those who aren’t local, she’s a long-time reporter and news anchor in our area.   It’s fun having her in class.


My old school campus.


This is the latest piece the teacher created.
We won’t be doing anything close to this.



Halloween will be different this year.  No front yard party like the last 17 years in our old neighborhood.  And probably no kids either.   It’s a very quiet street.   But in my never-ending search for a feeling of “routine”, I put up our old Halloween decorations today.


Now I’m ready for the next scary event.

A little routine can go a long way.

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6 Responses to The Awful Troubled Beauty That is Our Lives

  1. Raining Iguanas says:

    Sorry about Breezy.
    I agree with the you on the weather 100%. Just wish it would last for two months.
    Washington. Yup. I did my rant already.
    Yay Woodsy! Love the face.
    I think I will commission an Iguana pendant when you’re done with your class.
    Say, “Hey” to Elaine for me. She’s great!
    I decorated my yard with 8 inches of Maple leaves. It was easy and looks great too!

  2. mafarckle says:

    It’s funny.  I have noticed in my life, I too have always wanted something that I didn’t have.  And when I got it, something else was then on my list of wants.  Now I think that I will just continue to want, instead of getting.  That way I always have a dream and let God have wants he wants.  Let his will be mine.  Love, Ma

  3. Ann says:

    First of all,I LOVE your Halloween decorations! I want to trick or treat ar your house.

    Silversmithing?! You are FULL of surprises Diane! I admire your adventurous spirit. In think you SHOULD use a torch!

    Oh No Woodsy! Close call! Whew! He is so lucky you happened to be there! Something tells me he won’t be back…

    The government ……..hmmmmmm…….nope,better not go there! You said it all,anyway!

    Autumn in New England – a dream for me. Someday I hope to experience it. Until then,your pictures are a lovely glimpse of the countryside.

    So sorry Breezy has left on her spirit journey. She got lucky when Your Mom found her that day,but it really wasn’t luck. Serendipity. They helped each other. And that’s a beautiful thing.

    Routines and rituals can be a comfort that we take for granted,until our lives are suddenly tossed around like a ship on a stormy sea. We find our strength in those storms and if we play our hand right,we come out battered,but wiser and better and the good times are made even better. Meeting kindred spirits along the way is treasure!

    • Diane Fiore says:

      Ann, thanks for your wisdom-filled comments. “Battered, but wiser and better” are words to live by. I’ll cherish the day you can come this way for a visit. Who knows, I may head your way some day. Meanwhile, our kindred spirit relationship will sustain us. Thanks, as always, for your stopping by.

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