A Wedding, a Model T, a reunion, and a trailer party


Brian and I were thrilled to be invited to James and Bethany’s wedding in Rockland Massachusetts yesterday.  James is no longer the young boy across the street.  He’s now a married man.

We’ve known James since he was about 10 years old, so we have bragging rights.

Here goes:  He majored in Industrial Design and is a gifted craftsman and Sperry shoe designer.  In fact, he designed the shoes all of the groomsmen, his father, and new father-in-law wore to the wedding.  It was a nice touch that connected these men to James in an unusual, deep, and meaningful way.

James is also a Model T enthusiast.  His love for these vintage autos was encouraged and nurtured by his father, Bob.  For this memorable day, James and Bethany rode in style in a 1914 Model T.   Their awaiting chariot made me think of simpler times.


Since we moved from our neighborhood in March, we don’t often get to see James’ parents or our other “old” neighbor’s Jean and Tim.  This notable occasion afforded us an opportunity to reconnect, even if only for a day, to our special friends.


The trailer that transported the Model T 200 miles to the wedding was the hub for an after-hours, after-reception trailer party.  Parked strategically under a parking lot lamp post on a generally unused portion of asphalt, the hum of a generator coming from the trailer beckoned tired and happy wedding guests to continue the celebration.   I wasn’t going to miss this.  I’ve never been to a parking lot trailer party before, and it didn’t fail to amuse me.  Two of the guests backed up their cars and dialed in the same radio station for musical entertainment, while Bob and Barb, the Groom’s parents, put out another spread of food and spirits.



This was a wedding that will not soon, if ever, be forgotten.  We left feeling grateful for friends and celebrations that connect people’s souls.

We wish the new couple many years of happiness as they begin their lives together.

Rock on, James and Bethany, rock on.

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One Response to A Wedding, a Model T, a reunion, and a trailer party

  1. mafarckle says:

    Your stories and pictures are so entertaining.  I enjoy them all.  Thank you.  Love, Patti


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