A Special Evening


Heading into our second year, the Hubbard Hall Writers Group were expertly lead by our polished and esteemed leader, Jon Katz, into an evening of enchantment and Blog reading, including a reading from Jon from his next book, The Second Chance Dog: A Love Story.

Hubbard Hall hosted our evening, and provided gourmet refreshments and wine.  Each of us set up displays representing our Blogs for the reception before our readings.

My cyber friend, Jackie, who writes poignantly about her past and on-going experiences with Alzheimer’s in her Blog called Quilt of Missing Memories, sent a box of chocolates to Maria Wulf, Jon’s wife and gifted Fiber Artist, all the way from Minnesota.  Those chocolates assisted us through our nerve racking rehearsal the night before.

John Greenwood author of Raining Iguanas, and his wife, Mrs. G., gifted us all with Raining Iguana mugs.  A keepsake from this special family that will be cherished forever.

I had the most wonderful surprise when I spotted my old friend, Debbie, heading towards Hubbard Hall in time for the reception before the readings.  I was not expecting her.  Aside from being thrilled about seeing her, it was also the perfect opportunity for me to give her a print of one of my paintings that I had on display.  I learned a few months ago that she liked it, and was so happy to give it to her.

When the evening was over, my friend Jill handed me a gift bag with a beautiful stained glass dragon fly, and a card that says it all:

“There is no set path.  Just follow your heart.” (Unknown)

Words to live by.

013Jon Katz summed up the evening in his Bedlam Farm Post.

I’m looking forward to sharing a second year with this special group of inspiring writers and artists.

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10 Responses to A Special Evening

  1. Ann says:

    How great to be a part of such an amazing group and have this fellowship in the adventures of writing!

    I LOVE your friend Jill’s gift : There is no set path. Just follow your heart.

  2. mafarckle says:

    That is a beautiful saying, “just follow your heart”.  I love it.  Love, MaF


  3. Diane Fiore says:

    Ma F., Your daughter is your twin. She learned so much from you…we both have. Thank you for sticking with me. Love You!

  4. Diane-Sounds like a good time was had by all! Also sounds like it was hot. Maybe I should have sent chocolate ice cream!

    Thanks for you very nice comment

  5. Helen Tarof says:

    Dear Diane Thanks for sharing your SPECIAL NIGHT  with me. You are a true GIFT to me. With much Love Helen


  6. Your post is great Diane. You just knew that very first time we all started to gather in front of Hubbard Hall that this was going to be a special experience. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  7. rose says:

    sounds like a spectacular night for you and your group. its so good that you found these loving people that opened theirs arms to you and you can share your life with them and anyone that reads your blog! I love the display you set up.

  8. Diane Fiore says:

    Thanks, Rose. I appreciate your visit to my Blog and your kind words.

  9. Rachel says:

    Great post, Diane!

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