Please don’t forget the dog

Life with Mom

—-This is a story of a shared life with Mom after her diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease.—

May 25, 2013

Last week, my mother went out for the evening in her car.  The phone rang about an hour later showing her cell number.  I couldn’t imagine why she was calling.  I answered the phone with edgy anticipation, not having enough time to consider a litany of bad reasons for the call.

When I answered, Mom blurted out:  “Have you seen my dog?!”

I said “Yes, she’s here.  Why?”

Palpable relief flooded her tone of voice after my answer.  She went on to explain that she had intended to take the dog with her, but when she looked in the back of the car for Breeny, all she saw was a leash – no dog.

She attempted to retrace her steps, but just admitted that she forgot the dog.

The reason we moved in with her was to provide support, company, and a little backup for life’s curves.    To quote my friend Ann from Washington State, our mission is to “…brighten the path and reveal the treasures hidden beneath the ashes that the fires of life have created.”

Thanks Ann.  These are words to live by.


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6 Responses to Please don’t forget the dog

  1. Jackie says:

    Diane-I’m sure that call was a stressful one for you and your husband to receive. And also such a stressful time for your mom right before she made it. Brings back lots of memories. A very moving post with a moving quote.

  2. Diane Fiore says:

    Lots of opportunities to panic with this disease, Jackie. You know all to well, I’m sure.

  3. bob says:

    I can’t imagine how your mother must have felt seeing the leash in the backseat with no little dog and the fear of calling home with the thoughts of what you will think. so happy it turned out that everyone was safe. the Lord was watching over her.

  4. Diane Fiore says:

    I think you’re right Bob…Divine intervention was at work here.

  5. Ann says:

    Bob brings up a great point,Diane. How your Mom must have felt making that call,certainly worried sick about her dog,but also wondering how her behavior might be viewed after such an incident. Trust. Trust that you were there to help her,not to criticize,judge or condemn her. This is the gift you give to her every day.

  6. Ann says:

    Gee,THANKS for using my words in your blog! I am so touched!

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