The Demolition


After I posted Strolling Down Memory Lane, a few people commented that I left them hanging by not having a plan for getting the house demolition video up on YouTube.  So here it is.

I had it transferred from VHS to data disc today.  Since I have no idea what I’m doing with videos, I watched a bunch of tutorials on how to edit it down, and then how to turn it in to a YouTube video.  I easily spent three hours working on this project.

Before all of that, my mother and I watched it together.  We talked about how we ended up there so many years ago, and about different things about the house and living there.

Before we moved there in 1964, we were in a dire situation where we had to move from the house we were living in because it was being sold.  Mom and Dad drove through the town where this old farm house stood and passed it by.  Mom told Dad to turn around because she noticed that the house was for sale.  He said “No” saying that it wasn’t big enough.  They already had four children under the age of four.  She convinced him to turn around.  Soon after, we moved in.

As Mom and I were watching the demolition, she asked me if I remembered that her and my father knotted sheets together and showed all of us little kids how to use them to get out of our second floor bedrooms in case of a fire.  I have no recollection of this, and it’s the first time I’ve even heard of it.

She reminisced about our cat Felix, who’s name changed to Felicia because he was a she (she gave us a litter one night).  Often, Felicia would get spooked and run up the huge tree out front and get stuck.  The first thing Dad would do when he got home from work is pull out the makeshift ramp and coax Felicia out of the tree.

While we watched the backhoe crush our house today, Mom and I identified each area that went down.  We talked about the size of the smallest bedroom, the kitchen where we ate all of our meals, and the dining room we used as a play room.

I also noticed that that I was the only one out of five kids that was there for the demolition.  My friends Jill and Diane were there, Diane’s Father, and both of my parents.

Brian and I watched the video during dinner tonight, and he noticed that the winter coat I was wearing that day is the winter coat that still keeps me warm in cold weather.  That coat is at least 22 years old and I guess one of my favorites.

It’s been a long day of old memories and talking about the way things were.  They’re not better or worse now, just different.  I treasure the time I have with my mother, talking about the beginning of time — of my time.  Aside from a few more worries compared to my life in that old farm house, life is still sweet.

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4 Responses to The Demolition

  1. Your words are as strong as the backhoe in the video, only in reverse. They build you up and make things around you better and whole again.

  2. So many memories! I am so glad you and your Mom could share them together!

  3. Diane Fiore says:

    Yes, Jackie. We’re lucky to have this time and closeness together.

  4. Ann Mckinley says:

    You and your Mom are so strong to watch this and talk about. It’s kind of too close to home for me right now……pardon the pun.

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