Round One


It’s been too long.  Brian and I wait all winter to have Spring arrive so we can do all of the things that beckon us to the great outdoors.  For us, it was a round of golf today — at a new course.  We’ve moved away from the course that we loved so much.  We’ll visit, but the distance is too great on a routine basis, and will gently push us to hop around for a while and see new places.


The course we played at today didn’t fail to surround us with natural style and pleasant occupants.  We saw a turtle family in one of the many ponds.  We heard and then saw two Canadian geese fly in and land in an area that seemed like home to them.  We saw beautiful trees and plants that are in bloom and will continue to transform through the Summer and Fall.  We saw stone walls that looked hammered into the ground, and tell their own stories of the olden days.


We don’t have our next place picked out yet.  Where ever we go though, I’m certain it won’t fail to feed that human trait that sparkles and longs to be one with nature.

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2 Responses to Round One

  1. Helen Tarof says:

    Hi Diane It looks like you picked a perfect spot, the flower was beautiful!! Hope you had aGREAT DAY. love to you both MomHelen


  2. Sounds like a great round to me. It couldn’t have been a nicer day.

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