Beauty Abounds

April 28, 2013


Before our small work party reassembled this morning after breakfast to finish our painting projects, I slipped out and stole some alone time on one of my favorite Camp Chingachgook trails:  The Swamp Loop – unofficially named.   I knew I’d be back before anyone would even know I was gone.

It was 8:30am, and the sun was shining and already warming the earth.  As I walked the Loop, I listened closely to the sounds of the natural world and heard a woodpecker busily working on a tree that will sustain him for a while.  I heard rustling through some bushes that were surrounded by brown, dead leaves, and noticed a busy squirrel taking advantage of the morning light.  I heard far away bird calls.  I heard the swamp water leaving the swamp and trickling down stream.


When I reached the pond area where a sturdy dock stands, I saw two wild geese and a pair of mallard ducks, quietly co-habitating and engaging in their daily rituals.   I tiptoed out onto the dock with the utmost care so as to not disturb these beautiful animals.  I was successful.  I wanted so much to sit on the dock in the sun and admire them and the magical surroundings, but work and my group were waiting, and maybe by now, wondering where I was.



I tiptoed back out and onto the trail, and finished my morning walk.  I found myself giving thanks for such a privilege to be where I was, doing what I was doing – both the work and the opportunity to witness and be a part of creation.


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2 Responses to Beauty Abounds

  1. Helen Tarof says:

    Dear Diane I am so glad that you and Brian got to get away for awhile. I hope nothing  happened to the dogs. I haven’t read your other post from lasr night. I hope you both had a NICE WEEK-END!! Love Helen


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