All in a Day’s Work

April 27, 2013

Our assignments were handed out and away we went.  We carried cans of paint, brushes and rollers, gloves, stirs, and paint pans.  We headed to the farm area at Camp Chingachgook.  We transformed the chicken coop and a storage barn into beautiful farm buildings of Maple Leaf Red and Forrest Green.  Our group was only 5 members strong, but very serious about painting.  Tomorrow we’ll paint the horse and goat barn.


The group of anxious volunteers awaiting their assignments.



After lunch, I learned of an emergency back at home involving one of our dogs and had to leave.  I drove the hour home, brought Merlin to the Emergency vet for a bum leg, spent 2.5 hours there (most of that was waiting), and drove back to camp.   Mr. Merlin was doing OK by then, and that’s all that mattered.


As I was backing out of the driveway to head back to camp, I looked to the right and saw a pair of ducks waddling towards me.  I had heard about this pair all week from my mother and Brian, but hadn’t seen them myself.   They apparently stroll every evening across our front lawn.  They live in a pond next door, and have recently returned from their winter vacation.  Seeing these two lovely reminders of Spring time softened my hardened attitude about the hour drive ahead of me.   I was tired, but now feeling a little animated, thanks to Duck Rutherford and his wife, Ramona.


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One Response to All in a Day’s Work

  1. Glynny says:

    What a girl!
    What happened to the pup?
    Your thoughts on the ducks bring back fond memories of our Harry and Gertrude! Watching them go about just being ducks could go a long way in the meditation/relaxation arena.
    Happy Sunday to you.

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