Life with Mom

—-This is a story of a shared life with Mom after her diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease.—

April 16, 2013

The Battenkill Book store’s Recommender-in-Chief, Jon Katz, hooked me up with a fellow person who has been touched with family members who have or have had Alzheimer’s.   Her name is Jackie, and she called the book store one Saturday several months ago.  She spoke to Jon and told him about her grandmother and parents’ cognitive decline, and then her husband’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.  Jon thought her and I should get to know each other.  He was right.  We have developed a virtual support group that links the Midwest to the East coast.

Jackie decided to start a blog and calls it “Quilt of Missing Memories.”   She began this writing endeavor on March 17th, and has eloquently written so much about her experiences and how she copes as a caregiver and the stress it produces, and guides us through the many losses she has experienced.  And she doesn’t fail to mention the beauty and the gifts that life has to offer either.

Her post called “Three Times Blessed:  A different perspective on caretaking” focuses on moving forward despite the challenges and the sadness.

I really look forward to her posts.  Support comes in all forms.

A picture from Jackie’s Blog on her post ” Three Times Blessed…”
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4 Responses to Connections

  1. Helen Tarof says:

    Hi Diane Loved your last Blog report, interesting how God works through friends and strangers become friends and show us how they have worked through their struggles and made them stronger.  What a BEAUTIFUL world when we share with others.  On another note, I received an E Mail from Fran Pauley and she asked for prayers for Ralph as he may be having expermental  surgery on the aorata for a problem he has been having.  Will let you know when I hear anything. Love Helen


  2. Diane-

    I am so touched and honored that you would include one of my posts on your blog. Thanks so much for your all your support and inspiration! I am blessed to have met you, even if it is virtual!

    Very best wishes,

  3. Ann says:

    Connections……that’s the magic word.

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