Made in the U.S.A.

Life with Mom

—-This is a story of a shared life with Mom after her diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease.—

April 13, 2013

My mother and I cleaned out the front closet today.  We found a bunch of little treasures.  We found the user’s guide to the camera that us kids gave to Dad so many years ago.  It was collecting dust without the camera.  We’re not sure where the camera is…yet.  I don’t remember giving it to him.  My mother said he carried it in his front pocket all the time.   He loved to take pictures.  So it was no shock to find 2 unopened photo albums too.  (Garage Sale)

We also uncovered the movie camera and movie set lights that Dad used the entire time we were growing up.  I remember being blinded every Christmas morning while coming down the stairs, single file, like good little children.  It was a little annoying to be blinded while having to march in format when there was a Christmas tree with presents waiting for us a few feet away.  In hind sight, it was all worth it.  It’s so much fun watching the old family movies.


Next, we found a vintage flash light.  It really looks antique, and then I thought it must be when I realized it said “Made in USA” on the end.  You don’t see that so much any longer.  Hopefully that’s changing – at least that’s the plan for this land of opportunity.



If you look carefully, you can see “Made in USA” at the bottom.

While spending time outside with Merlin and Averill, I noticed an unusual garden decoration.  It’s a piece of drift wood, and I’m pretty sure my father put it there.  He loved drift wood, and used to collect it when he and Mom camped and canoed.



I think this piece needs something…like jewelry, or paint. Something.
It also needs to be moved.

We closed out the day by meeting our old neighbor’s for dinner.  We love hearing about their son’s who we watched grow up.  There’s a June wedding on the horizon.  They grow up too fast!

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4 Responses to Made in the U.S.A.

  1. I love the driftwood. I am always drawn to it too. It looks like a giant bird from the photo.

  2. Ann says:

    This post reminded me of the tv show, ” American Pickers”. They are always digging around looking for buried treasures and when they find something made in America,they are ecstatic!

    The dogs’ yard looks perfect. Are they adjusting well?

  3. Diane Fiore says:

    The dogs are doing good….running, playing, hunting…

  4. Helen Tarof says:

    Dear Diane

    I LOVE your stories, what memories you jog from my brain.  What memories you and your Mom are digging up. Hope you are having  a nice Day up in New York today. Love, Helen


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