A Beekman Baby

Our Wee Little Faintly

Faintly 2

-Faintly was born on the Beekman farm.

-She’s the wee little daughter of our own farmer John.

-She tops out the scales at 3 tiny pounds.

-And she’s able to make those little goat sounds.

-She was born as a triplet, and came out so small.

-She’s not even the size of a medium beach ball.

-She’s had offers for making it big one day.

-She’s already been called by 3 agents, dear say!


-So, if you stick around you will see her one day—

-On the road to Hollywood, and we’ll all yell, HOORAY!


Check out all of the Kidding going on at the Beekman Farm:





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9 Responses to A Beekman Baby

  1. mafarckle says:

    That is an adorable little baby.  When I see little baby animals, I want to pick them up and cuddle with them.  Did you write the endearing poem?  Love, Mom


  2. R.J. Fedler says:

    Adorable! Funny, cute poem.

  3. Ann says:

    What a little goaty angel! I love her! You are full of surprises,Diane! And the poem is capricious! Tee Hee Hee!

  4. Glynny Schiavoni says:

    I LOVE goats and all animals! Tried for years to get John to agree to adopting a baby goat with the notion that the tyke would “mow” the lawn. His response was always the same…..”In the winter I have to feed and house the little thing, and I know you, the first time something went wrong the goat would be in bed with us.” He knows me way too well!!
    Thanks for the smile.
    Love you, Honey,

  5. Ann says:

    Well,Diane,I was just kidding around. That’s really baahhhd! Can’t help myself! Someone call the smart-Alec police!

  6. Diane Fiore says:

    You make me laugh, Ann!

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