Bugs, Birds, and Beaches…


…sand, shells, and sunshine.  These are a few of my favorite things…well, maybe not the bugs.

We’re in Florida visiting Brian’s family.  We hear that it’s been zero degrees and below in NY.   We know how lucky we are.

But our vacation started with the bugs:  It falls into the category of the rental car nightmare.  We finally drove away with our 4th chosen rental car, but it was a process getting to that car, which ultimately did not end as our final car.

The first one we choose was a Crown Vic.  We decided that gas mileage was more important than “luxury”.  The second one, an Altima, didn’t have a fob.  The third one had a fob, but Brian dropped it, and it disappeared.  We really couldn’t find it.  The 4th one had a fob which Brian put right into his pocket.  We were all set.  We drove away.  About an hour later, I looked down and noticed that the outside of the dashboard and console were infested with little bugs, running about like creepy busy bodies.  We took the car back the next day, and were settled into our fifth rental car within 24 hours of arriving in the sunshine state.   Several days later…the car rental nightmare just seems like a distant bad dream.


One of my favorite things about Florida (besides my incredibly wonderful in-laws) are the birds.  They are alert, smart, and productive like all birds, but some of them are so big, that you can actually witness the work they do.   They look magnificent flying, and they always look like they’re in control of the vast skies.



Walking on the beach always reveals clues about people’s lives and their coastal activities.  The pictures below speak for themselves.

021 004


But, looking past these symbols of non-beach activities and misplaced garbage, the beach and ocean are a place to behold, a place to escape the pavement and buildings and pressures that make up our lives.



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10 Responses to Bugs, Birds, and Beaches…

  1. Ann says:

    Wow,Diane! Great pics and watercolors! Can’t imagine what it must be like to be on the beach,all toasty warm! Love the pelicans! So glad you took the time to give us a blog post. Now,go relax and enjoy yourself!

  2. Glynny Schiavoni says:

    Have a wonderful time. Stock up on the old Vitamin D!

  3. Jill says:

    Great story! Wish I was there! Love the last picture of the very colorful bird….Where did you see him?

  4. mafarckle says:

    Have a wonderful time.  Love, Mom


  5. maria wulf says:

    it’s so nice to see photos of sunny warm florida. So nice to see I’m hardly jealous. Love the “garbage” photos in the sand.

  6. Diane Fiore says:

    Maria, we are savoring the warmth. We’re tricked into thinking it’s summer.

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