Fortune Cookie Wisdom


“You are vigorous in words and action.”

These words came out of my fortune cookie last week.  I don’t actually believe in the strict idea of fortune cookie fortunes, but I do believe that when ideas or concepts come at you from any source, you’d better pay attention.  This fortune got my attention for a few reasons.   These reasons came in the form of feedback and comments made to me during this past week.

Last Sunday, our Hubbard Hall Writers Group met in Cambridge, NY for a few hours.  Our gifted and deeply sensitive leader, Jon Katz, spoke to each of us about our dreams as writers and about the individual stories we each hold near and dear to our hearts.  While I was discussing another story idea with Jon, he mentioned that I attack things head on.  I knew that.  But it solidifies it when it’s in the form of honest feedback.  I recognize this as nothing short of an invaluable contribution to my self-awareness development.

Later on in the week when I was with a patient in her home, she made a similar comment when I told her to move very slowly.  She said “You don’t do anything slowly, Diane” and then laughed.  “Gosh” I said, “you figured me out quickly!”

Years ago, I worked in a building that had long hallways.  I was always moving fast…it’s at the core of who I am.  I remember that a particular staff member always called me “Lightening” as I passed him on my way to nowhere.  I was always running, and no one even had to yell “Fire!”

When I was a kid, I even bowled fast.  So fast, that many times I had to pick my bowling ball up on neighboring ball returns because my ball skipped over my lane and on to nearby lanes.  One time, I threw the ball so fast and hard that it broke in half when it hit the pins.  I was never so shocked.

So, as I reflect on the fortune cookie words, the feedback from people I admire and hold in high regard, and my long history of moving at the speed of light, I will embrace this characteristic as a useful personality trait.  At the same time, I will also consider the importance of slowing down, and enhancing my capacity for experiencing and allowing thought for the fragile and softer side of situations.  This will no doubt enrich my experiences as I contemplate the meaning of the variety of situations that make up my life.

My second fortune cookie that night read: “You are going on well with your business.”

I’m now convinced that I’m on the right track.



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3 Responses to Fortune Cookie Wisdom

  1. Ah, life in the fast lane, and with so much coffee yet to smell…

  2. Ann says:

    How can a hollow shell hold so much wisdom?!

    A funny aside: when I was cleaning my Mother’s kitchen a few nights ago,I found a stash of fortune cookie tags hidden away. I’m not sure how long she had been stashing them,but they obviously meant a great deal to her. I just couldn’t toss them out. I gathered them up and put them in a neat little stack. Dementia or not,some things are sacred…….

    • Diane Fiore says:

      Ann, I think you found a treasure. These little messages may be windows into her thoughts…things she thought were important or inspiring…she kept them! Now they’re your fortunes too.

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