Heavenly News…

In the midst of some major adversity, someone said to me “Heavenly news makes life radiant.”  The news was something that seemed really minor; at least not elevated to the level of heavenly.  To myself, I thought “Wow!  This person has every reason to be down and worried (She had some health issues that were majorly affecting her life), but recognized this tidbit of “news” as something that was unmistakably wonderful.”   I never forgot that, and have been contemplating her methods and style for a positive life ever since.

Recently, news came my way that I considered heavenly.  It was revealed to me in a phone call from my brother, Vincent, asking me if it was OK if an old friend of his, Brian Gold (who had become a friend of ours) could come for Christmas from Long Island.  Asking me was certainly not necessary…I felt instantly excited, and was thrilled that he wanted to spend Christmas with us.  Brian is a flight Attendant with American Airlines, and is usually traveling at Christmas time.  This year, he didn’t have to work, and chose to spend it with us.  Heavenly, yes!

Brian’s step mother, Celine, who has graced us with her presence for the last 3 Christmases, also joined us from New Jersey, and made our Christmas Eve Radiant.  She has an incredible life story that I will share in the future with her permission.  She clearly emanates great joy and love for the world.  She defines the word radiant.

Sr. Anne Bryan Smollin, a Sister of St. Joseph and an internationally known writer and speaker of wellness, with a flair for humor, has mentioned throughout her lectures to look for the surprises in life.  She assures all of us that they are there and happening every day.  We just have to have an open mind and believe.

So, I will embark on a mission of looking for flashes of light that come in the form of surprises and heavenly news.  This shall be fun!

Brian Gold

Brian Gold


Vincent, Mom, Celine, Brian, Me (Brian Gold, Photographer)

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6 Responses to Heavenly News…

  1. Diane,
    Sister Anne is so right, I had so many flashes of light come my way in 2012 I had to replace my sunglasses. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. mafarckle says:

    That letter is so wonderful and true.  My best friend is the Holy Spirit and he helps me all the time, as I would be in deep doo doo if I tried to do anything alone.  Diane in this picture, your mom reminds me of her mother.  I love the pictures you post.  Vincent looks so different to me.  Love, Ma Farckle


  3. Ann says:

    Well,Diane, I can see you had a wonderful Christmas! I look forward to hearing about your “surprises” and the story of Celine. Sounds like someone I would love to meet.

  4. Diane Fiore says:

    Christmas was wonderful, Ann. Hope yours was too. Looking forward to discovering the hidden surprises that aren’t so hidden.

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