An Uncommon Saturday

It was with heavy hearts that we carried on with our plans on Saturday in the wake of the serious, sad, and unbelievably shocking events that took place in Newtown Connecticut.  Our thoughts never drifted far from the children, the school staff, or their families who were reeling from these senseless events.  So while Brian and I kept this situation close in thought, we carried on with our plans to make Pizzelles.

I recently had a patient whose wife had been making these thin tasty cookies for the holidays.  The few times I made a visit to his home, he would insist that I take some home for myself.   I knew that Brian loved these cookies, so as hard as it was, I always saved a couple for him.  He was so thrilled to get them, and asked if “we” could make them.  I said “we” could, meaning that he had to help.   He was all for it.  So I went out and bought a Pizzelle Baker, and we made them Saturday.

I made the batter, and began baking them, 2 at a time.  Brian’s job was to ensure that they were flat after coming off the iron, and then pile them up.  But soon into this baking activity, he actually took over the whole job, and I left to do laundry.  I have to say, he did a superb job, and really enjoyed doing it.  We gave some filled tins to a few of our friends…I hope they realize how rare they are, having been made by pastry chef, Brian.




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8 Responses to An Uncommon Saturday

  1. mafarckle says:

    That was nice that Brian became the “official” baker.  This could lead to bigger and better things!! Love, Mom


  2. Jackie says:

    That is awesome! If Brian gets tired of his day job, there may be a future for him on Food Network:-)

  3. maria wulf says:

    More Healing Cookies. Yay for Brian and lucky you!

  4. Ann says:

    A man in the kitchen making something besides a mess! Seriously,you have a good man there,Diane. My husband is a fabulous cook and I am sooooo grateful!

  5. Diane Fiore says:

    Brian hasn’t started cooking yet….but I’m waiting. He may have to fight me for the kitchen, though…I love to cook.

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