Holiday Parties and Class Reunions


As December approaches every year, I quietly wait for an invitation to a holiday party that doubles as an annual college class reunion.  My two friends, Sue and Colin host a holiday party every year.  The house fills up with people I don’t know, people I’ve met there and see year after year, and the special few who I’ve known for 25 years…my old college friends.

We all met at Burrstone House in Utica, NY in 1987.  Burrstone House was a Ramada Inn that Utica College had purchased the summer before we moved in.  We were mostly transfer students, coming together to finish up this leg of our academic endeavors.   Our rooms were hotel rooms…way better than the dorms.  We had our own bathrooms, wall to wall carpeting, and cable TV!  We also had the “Lemons and Limes Lounge”, which was the old Ramada bar/night club on the first floor, where we had continental breakfast every morning, and Speakeasy parties at night.  A pool room was also there for our use, and it was all just across the road from the school.

Somehow, 25 years has passed since our young group met, and we’ve never lost touch, mostly thanks to Sue and Colin.  Sue lived next door at Burrstone House, Colin and Dave lived across the hall, and Lori and I were roommates.


Sue, Lori, Dave, Me, Colin

It was a magical two years at UC, and the magic is recreated every year at Sue and Colin’s holiday gathering!


Sue and Colin are both teachers…these instructions are a dead give-away!



Every 5 minutes, the door bell rang and in walked more people with more food!


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4 Responses to Holiday Parties and Class Reunions

  1. Ann says:

    Now this is what life is all about! Making new friends,reuniting with old friends,celebrating together. And sharing our lives with those who have the appreciation of it all to help hold it together,year after year. Oh,and the food looks delicious!

  2. Glynny Schiavoni says:

    Wow, Diane! You are something! Congratulations on your writing. I loved seeing you and Brian, Lori and Brian, Dave and Amanda at Sue and Colin’s party. Getting together with all of you “kids” is something I look forward to all year.
    Blessings to you, sweet girl.

    • Diane Fiore says:

      Glynny, Thanks for your interest in my little hobby! You and Mr. S. are bright spots in the world. So happy to spend time with you at Sue and Colin’s. Stay well. Peace. Diane

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